HK protesters clash with police outside govt headquarters

2014-12-01 10:12:30

Hong Kong's "Occupy Central" protesters have clashed with police early this morning as they tried to encircle the government headquarters.

Macao reports economic contraction

2014-12-01 07:50:36

The economic growth of the Chinese gambling hub of Macao may slow dramatically to 2 to 3 percent this year, a senior Macao official said, after the city reported its first year-on-year economic contraction since 2009 in the third quarter as President Xi Jinping tackles corruption and excessive spending of public funds.

Taiwan chief administrator resigns after defeat in elections

2014-11-30 11:36:30

Taiwan chief administrator Jiang Yi-huah announced his resignation after the ruling Kuomintang (KMT) Party suffered a defeat in local elections.

Taiwan biggest-ever local elections close

2014-11-29 21:49:17

The Kuomintang Party won six county and city chief seats in Taiwan's biggest-ever local elections held Saturday, according to the island's electoral authorities.

Mainland calls for continued peaceful cross-Straits relations

2014-11-29 21:41:06

The spokesman called on compatriots across the Taiwan Strait to make continued efforts for peaceful cross-Strait relations after Taiwan finished an election for local government officials.

Police clear Hong Kong protest site

2014-11-27 07:50:53

Hong Kong businesses hit by nearly two months of illegal street occupations breathed a collective sigh of relief on Wednesday.

Traffic largely restored in Hong Kong's Mong Kok district

2014-11-26 19:29:52

Traffic along the main roads of Hong Kong's Mong Kok district began flowing again Wednesday afternoon after bailiffs cleared barricades and tents erected by demonstrators in Nathan Road.

Hong Kong police arrest 116 at protest site

2014-11-26 16:56:41

Police arrested 116 people as Hong Kong authorities cleared street barricades from a protest camp in the Mong Kok district on Wednesday.

Hong Kong authorities clear Mong Kok occupying area

2014-11-25 15:04:37

Hong Kong authorities began clearing away some barricades from the occupying area in Mong Kok, scene of previous standoff between police and protestors.

5 firemen in critical condition after blast at HK housing estate

2014-11-24 08:27:18

Five firefighters on Sunday remained in a critical condition in hospital following Saturday's gas explosion in Hong Kong's Kowloon, which left one person dead and 12 others injured, according to the local government.

Mainland, Taiwan to negotiate on allowing layovers

2014-11-21 21:25:25

Chinese mainland and Taiwan will soon start negotiations on allowing mainland air travelers to transfer in Taiwan, a mainland spokesman announced on Friday.

83% of HK citizens want Occupy Central to stop

2014-11-20 20:03:24

About 82.9 percent of Hong Kong citizens want the Occupy Central movement to stop and nearly 70 percent people believe the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government should clear the occupying areas, according to a survey.