Nearly 90 percent oppose abolishing crime of adultery

Updated: 2015-06-15 15:30


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Nearly 90 percent oppose abolishing crime of adultery

Wang Xiaoying / China Daily  

Almost 90 percent of Taiwan people believe the crime of adultery should not be abolished, Southern Metropolis Daily reported on Monday.

Adultery is a crime in Taiwan, but not the Chinese mainland where it is only a ground for divorce. Article 239 of local law in Taiwan, which says married people committing adultery can be imprisoned for up to a year, has generated heated debate.

Those supporting abolition of the article say criminalizing adultery hampers the sexual freedom of married people.

Lung Yingtai is one who backs abolition. "It is ridiculous that today we still need judges, police and detectives to safeguard marriage", she said.

People who support continuing to recognize the crime emphasize the article's importance for maintaining sound social customs and ethical values, according to the investigation, conducted by the Taiwan law department on its website last month. It showed 8,709 netizens voted against abolishing the crime while 1,228 voted for.

Other countries where adultery is regarded as a crime include India, Pakistan, Brunei, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, other Middle Eastern countries and 21 states of the United States.

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