Hospital ship lends a helping hand

2013-07-10 07:58:04

Peace Ark provides free checkups and treatment for locals at holiday destination.

Elderly willpower gets a boost

2013-07-09 07:11:40

An organization is helping seniors draw up a legally binding will and avoid family disputes.

Pain lingers after Xinjiang terrorist attack

2013-07-05 08:30:57

Authorities blame religious extremism and call for tighter security.

Tunnel builders sweat it out on new rail line

2013-07-04 08:58:48

Conditions are harsh for workers on regional link, reports Hu Yongqi in Honghe

Graduates face grim hunt for work

2013-07-03 07:15:50

Hopes dashed as record numbers of new job seekers flood market.

Parents learn a costly lesson on homes

2013-07-02 07:36:56

The battle for a better education goes beyond schools.

Taking the reins of great change

2013-07-01 08:20:01

Breeders witness ups and downs of trade in their beloved horses in Inner Mongolia autonomous region

Aqua act

2013-06-30 08:12:56

The underwater world seems to inspire people's imagination, and aquariums around China offer witness to this. Accompanying fish and other marine creatures, performers in the underwater world amaze their audiences. Among the performances are various cartoon characters swimming among the colorful marine life, mermaid shows, and shark and dolphin feeding presentations.

Covering the stars

2013-06-30 07:35:20

Given the number of independent Chinese fashion designers who have risen to prominence in the last few years, you would think they would be trampling over each other in their fight to dress screen celebrities for fashion magazine covers, or the red carpet.

A growing thirst for water safety

2013-06-28 07:51:01

Experts say greater monitoring and better facilities needed to ensure quality.

Justice, Tibet style

2013-06-27 07:55:58

Tibet autonomous region develops unique ways to administer the law.

Yunnan brews up cups of success

2013-06-26 08:41:34

Tea-growing South China may soon gain renown for another beverage - coffee.