Eyeballing online

2014-07-24 07:42:10

Chinese Internet TV and media devices are revolutionizing information and entertainment even as traditional counterparts face demise, Bao Wanxian reports in Tianjin.

Connected convenience

2014-07-24 07:37:57

He woke up on the couch countless times with an aching head and bloodshot eyes after catching matches at unearthly hours, but this year's World Cup was still one of the best experiences for Chinese soccer fan Du Peng.

Command and control

2014-07-24 07:36:14

The days of fighting over the TV remote may soon be over.

Faking the grade for overseas study

2014-07-23 07:21:30

As many as one in 10 applications to US colleges by Chinese students may include fraudulent materials like fake essays and high-school transcripts.

Belief in building

2014-07-22 07:34:10

China's oldest Buddhist temple is becoming a channel to boost religious study and strengthen friendship across borders, report Hou Liqiang and Qi Xin in Luoyang, Henan province and Zhang Yunbi in Beijing.

Tall order for civil servants

2014-07-21 07:03:01

The Communist Party of China put forward the frugality rules in December 2012, a month after its new leadership was elected. The rules require officials to get close to the people by cleaning up undesirable work styles including extravagance and hedonism.

Working across the divide

2014-07-17 07:11:02

Renewed interest in Chinese workers’ contributions during WWI
helps shed new light on China-Europe relationship

Inside China’s military melting pot

2014-07-16 06:59:42

China Daily honors those whose sacrifices in the wars of the last century helped to ensure the peace and prosperity enjoyed by the vast majority of humankind today.

Attitudes toward sex changing

2014-07-15 07:12:01

Chinese are becoming more open to the use of condoms while manufacturing output of condoms totaled 10 billion in 2013.

Reading into an online age

2014-07-14 07:15:38

Physical bookstores in China look set to live out their last days even as their cyber counterparts
expand on the back of imported off erings.

The city that's all fired up about ceramics

2014-07-11 10:14:55

The revival of traditional pottery-making techniques has resulted in renewed interest in an ancient city's kilns and provided a boost for local tourism, as Peng Yining reports from Jingdezhen, Jiangxi.

Clinic on frontier of AIDS care

2014-07-10 10:09:07

Clinic on frontier of AIDS care provides medicine for Chinese, needy across border in Myanmar.