Happily ever after until the divorce

2013-09-16 08:05:34

The divorce of Chinese pop diva Faye Wong and Li Yapeng has prompted many people to take a searching look at their own marriages.

Pollution: New standards, old problems

2013-09-13 11:11:45

Unseasonable weather swept over Beijing during the summer, covering the capital in smog and haze for 18 days during June and resulting in the highest number of high-pollution days in the month for 50 years, according to the China Meteorological Administration.

Fuel upgrade costs are a price worth paying

2013-09-13 08:50:39

Cao Xianghong has been director of the National Petroleum Products and Lubricants Standardization Technical Committee for more than 10 years. He spoke to China Daily about the cost of upgrading the gasoline standard from phase 4 to phase 5.

China gets tough on air pollution

2013-09-13 08:08:00

The toughest-ever measures to tackle China's worsening air pollution set out goals for the nation's 338 cities.

Cure sought for medical sector's ills

2013-09-12 07:56:55

The anti-corruption drive triggered by the UK GSK bribery case will embrace the medical industry nationwide.

Hanban shops around for a wider choice

2013-09-10 08:37:17

Are you familiar with the name Confucius Institute? How about the idea of a convenience store for Chinese language and culture?

When life is sailing over the bounding sea

2013-09-09 07:53:27

Sailors work in difficult, occasionally dangerous surroundings.

For many, Chinese dream means happiness

2013-09-06 08:01:14

The determination of Chinese people to achieve happiness can be uplifting.

Sidestepping the rush of modern life

2013-09-05 07:54:02

Xiamei village in Fujian province has a rich past, but now it's fading into history.

A county for the ages

2013-09-04 08:28:48

Bama is exceptional among high-latitude areas noted for longevity. The 1964 national census recorded 28 people in the county aged 100 or older.

Choosing a sailor's life

2013-09-03 08:02:24

The PLA navy recruited 20 female Uygurs for the first time in its history. Three of them were deployed on the Peace Ark medical ship.

Tin city explores economic shift

2013-09-02 10:08:38

Mining industry has caused heavy metal pollution and desertification.