In TV's golden age, that's entertainment

2012-10-05 09:34:36

Producers have come a long way in making primetime reality shows for Chinese viewers.

Peak season, weak sales

2012-10-04 07:57:12

Real estate developers are lowering their expectations for 'Golden September and Silver October' as fewer homebuyers turn out.

Age of disillusion haunts senior citizens

2012-09-28 08:00:12

Battles with illness, loneliness and post-retirement blues are pushing elderly population into fragile mental health.

Muslim students look to the future

2012-09-27 09:00:44

Islamic centers of learning train a new generation with bachelor's degrees.

A school where leadership is nurtured

2012-09-26 08:18:31

Party education focuses on tradition of service and sacrifice.

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

2012-09-25 07:47:11

Younger consumers increasingly adopt a cute approach to life.

Health tourism a dose of good medicine

2012-09-24 08:02:10

An increasing number of wealthy Chinese are flying overseas, just to seek beautiful faces, clearer eyes...

Focus on business ties

2012-09-21 07:32:22

China and the DPRK explore greater opportunities.

Questioning attitude gives think tanks valuable answers

2012-09-20 08:11:20

Think tanks play a vital role in getting data for government decision-making.

Green fingers and green houses

2012-09-19 07:59:09

A growing number of people have taken to "urban farming" in the wake of a series of food safety scandals.

It's a hobby, not a burden

2012-09-19 08:08:04

In the eyes of many people, Yu Changlan, a customer service supervisor from Nantong, Jiangsu province has a comparatively wealthy life and is never short of money. That makes it hard for them to understand why she plants vegetables on the balcony, a practice that occupies almost all her leisure time.

'My little farm in the city'

2012-09-19 08:08:04

Li Hongwen works for an IT company in Sanyuanqiao in the center of Beijing, but he lives in the suburban district of Shunyi. Every day the round trip between home and office takes at least three hours.