Keeping track of precious rail tickets

2012-01-19 09:02:28

A foreign visitor finds procedures at railway station confusing as he phones a friend for advice.

'Just love Chinese'

2012-01-18 09:52:29

Confucius program is growing in popular appeal.

Shops do brisk trade in presents

2012-01-17 09:08:25

Gift recovery is popular in China as Lunar New Year approaches.

Crucial year looms for global economy

2012-01-16 07:53:22

Focus is on US and Europe, but Asia also faces a challenging period ahead.

Wave of discontent

2012-01-13 07:33:57

Depleted stocks mean catch is harder to come by.

Fishermen ride wave of discontent

2012-01-13 07:33:57

"China's overfished and depleted waters are forcing Chinese fisherman farther and farther out into sea, where they are running into more and more trouble with Korean coast guards." Li said

Halfway houses give criminals room for hope

2012-01-12 08:00:15

Zhang Mengxu from Yunnan province was released from prison in September 2009 after serving 18 months for robbery. He had no job skills.

Halfway houses give criminals room for hope

2012-01-12 07:12:22

Experiment provides opportunities for criminals to re-enter society, He Na reports.

China's daredevils to stars

2012-01-11 15:56:52

Stunt performers often risk life and limb undertaking dangerous acts to give movies greater visual impact.

Foreign investors shy from buying

2012-01-11 07:27:48

Lure of real estate fades as overseas capital seeks better bargains, Hu Yuanyuan reports from Beijing.

Debutante ball bounces back

2012-01-10 07:29:20

Glamour event steeped in tradition makes a glittering return to life, Xu Junqian reports from Shanghai.

Pandas may find traveling hard to bear

2012-01-09 08:22:11

Pandas are on the move again. Yuan Zai and Huan Huan will leave for Beauval Zoo in central France.