Eating event adds spice to GM food debate

2013-10-23 07:42:35

More than 300 people gathered to enjoy a bowl of porridge made from genetically modified food on Saturday, an attempt to quell public fears about the safety of the product.

Bribery claims feed milk scandal

2013-10-22 07:24:00

Any public scandal related to infant milk formula is bound to arouse huge emotions. 

Stranded in heavy snow at Qomolangma

2013-10-21 07:19:13

Tour operators coming under increasing pressure from rising number of tourists seeking firsthand experience of the mountain.

The dirt on tomb raiders

2013-10-18 09:19:28

Archeologists in race to save historic resources from plunder.

Killer hornets wreak havoc

2013-10-16 07:43:05

Red alerts after rapid increase in number of venomous insects poses huge threat to people's safety.

Last of the reindeer hunters

2013-10-15 07:35:50

Ewenki herders stick to old way of life as their border forest regions undergo dramatic changes.

Rallying to the rescue of fishermen

2013-10-11 07:41:45

Unprecedented efforts have been made to save lives in the South China Sea.

Writers chase their authorial dreams online

2013-10-10 07:41:06

Changing world of publishing offers new possibilities for success.

Officials: A matter of faith

2013-10-09 09:51:21

There's growing disquiet that some CPC members are embracing religion and superstition.

US Sinophile traces the evolution of Chinese words

2013-10-08 08:01:13

For 20 years Richard Sears has been devoted to making the etymological information of Chinese characters available online for people to trace them back to their original form, when they were first carved or written on bamboo slips or silk more than 2,000 years ago.

No crisis of character

2013-10-08 08:00:52

Experts insist fears about the demise of written Chinese are unfounded.

Gardens put history and culture in perspective

2013-10-07 07:20:27

The beauty of classical designs casts its influence on modern architecture beyond China.