Trending news across China on Sept 7

Updated: 2013-09-07 17:22


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How much food do you expect to get with 3.8 yuan ($0.60 cents)? Two meat dishes and one vegetable dish, at Sichuan Normal University. And heard about the boy assigned to a girls' dorm? – it's all trending across China.


Boy with girl's name

A male student with a girlish name from Wuhan city, Hubei province, was assigned to the female dormitory, a surprise he got while registering as a freshman at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. He said his gender was registered as “female”, which was more embarrassing than years of jokes from classmates about his name.

Trending news across China on Sept 7

Asian beauties

South Korean media listed the 10 most beautiful Asian female stars, with Fan Bingbing of China ranking fourth and her compatriot Yang Mi sixth. Lim Yoon A from South Korean girl group Girls' Generation topped the list, and her bandmate Jung Soo Yeon ranked third.

Trending news across China on Sept 7

Mahjong police

A group of auxiliary police from Chengdu city of Sichuan province were exposed playing mahjong regularly in a teahouse during office hours. The police, in charge of patrolling and comprehensive urban management, played while wearing their uniforms, making no effort to hide their identities.

Love at last

A girl showed her QQ chatting history, marking the exciting moment when her dream-lover finally showed affection for her after her long pursuit. The records show the girl's mixed feelings of joy and frustration while communicating with a man dubbed “prince charming”, for whom she had been carrying a torch for two years.

Trending news across China on Sept 7

Caught red-handed

CCTV reported that Chen Yi, the female executive at Shanghai Fanxin Insurance Agency Co who allegedly stole company money, was holding seven boxes of jewelry and cash worth more than 7 million yuan ($114.38 million) when she was caught in Fiji, on her way to Canada.

Economical and nutritious

How much for two meat dishes and one vegetable dish? A canteen at Sichuan Normal University sells them for just 3.8 yuan ($0.60 cents), kept at the same low price for 11 years despite inflation. The news, published on People's Daily's Sina Weibo account, has been forwarded 24,000 times. Internet users praised the canteen.

Teachers Day

Debates have sprung up across China over plans to move Teachers Day, which is currently Sept 10, to Sept 28, believed to be the birthday of Confucius.

Armed museum

Palace Museum may beef up its security team by adding armed police forces. The museum's director Shan Jixiang said security forces at the museum is too weak, and a new security system will be introduced before Oct 1, which may include armed forces. The move followed a public query about the museum's security loophole exposed through an online video depicting a tussle among several tourists at the museum, with no security guards showing up to stop them.