China-Britain 'global' partnership sealed with declaration, personal bonds

Updated: 2015-10-23 11:44


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China-Britain 'global' partnership sealed with declaration, personal bonds

As the world's second biggest economy, China will sign numerous commercial deals spanning a range of sectors such as creative industries, retail, energy, health and technology, financial services, aerospace and education.[Photo/IC]

Personal chemistry

While the declaration focused more on political and economic collaboration, Xi is bringing more cultural flavor and personal bonds to the ties during the visit.

Xi and his wife Peng Liyuan bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace on Thursday before their trip to Manchester.

Xi expressed his sincere appreciation for the hospitality and thoughtful arrangement made by the British royal family, government and people, saying the visit has given him a "deep and beautiful impression."

Later in the day, Xi addressed an opening ceremony of an annual meeting of Confucius Institutes in Britain, saying the essence of Chinese and British cultures has brought a fantastic "chemical reaction" into their own people's way of thinking and lifestyle through people-to-people exchanges.

By attending the event, which included a student's recitation of Xi's poem praising a hardworking county official, the president is apparently winning more hearts and minds.

Steve Bradley, a professor of economics at Britain's Lancaster University, said he was so proud of his student who cited the poem.

"It's very important that the president comes to support the Confucius Institutes and Classrooms around the UK. It helps our relations to be strengthened over the next few years," Bradley said.

Professor Lutz Marten, director of London Confucius Institute, said he agreed with Xi that true cooperation between countries involves people and hearts.

"It is through exchange visits, through learning about language, culture and literature that relationship between the two countries become meaningful," Marten said. "I believe only on the basis of this can we build successful political and economic collaboration."

Full text: China-UK Joint Declaration on Building a Global Comprehensive Strategic Partnership for the 21st Century