More than 100 UK investment projects revealed in Beijing

2015-11-03 18:57:25

More than half of the projects come from the infrastructure sector, while others range from retail, finance, fashion, food, and education industries.

'Golden era' of China-UK relations to benefit world at large

2015-10-27 17:13:57

Chinese President Xi Jinping's just-concluded visit to Britain has opened a "golden era" which will not merely benefit the two countries, but infuse dynamism into the European economy, leading Bangladesh foreign policy analysts said.

'Golden time' approaching for Chinese students in Britain to start business

2015-10-26 09:24:14

Thanks to the enhancing bilateral ties, an increasing number of Chinese students choose to seek their academic success in Britain.

President's visit shifted focus of ties between China and UK

2015-10-26 07:56:02

The roar of the engines of the Air China Boeing 747 carrying China's President Xi Jinping home has long faded from the skies over Manchester, leaving Britain and its leaders to contemplate the new dynamic that is the link between the two countries.

Emotional send-off for Xi was a fitting finish

2015-10-26 07:56:02

UK shows how West must be open to business with China

China-Britain energy cooperation boosts low-carbon development

2015-10-25 16:04:57

As China and Britain have been working on a major nuclear power project and renewable energy, the two countries are set to step up their efforts to shape a low-carbon future.

British communities laud outcomes of President Xi's visit

2015-10-25 11:09:17

President Xi Jinping made a successful state visit to Britain from Monday to Friday, which was not only valued by Britain's political leaders, but also drew extensive attention from the country's media, scholars and the public.

Xi's visit opens 'golden era' of China-Britain ties

2015-10-24 14:04:04

Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to Britain has opened a "golden era" of bilateral relations and a new chapter of China-West exchanges, said Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

In photos: Memorable moments of President Xi's UK visit

2015-10-24 08:54:50

In photos: memorable moments of President Xi's UK visit

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