Britain ready to roll out red carpet for Chinese with Xi's visit

2015-10-10 08:33:19

President Xi's upcoming state visit will again prove his resolve to project an image of a strong, resolute China.

Inmarsat scents China opportunity

2015-10-09 08:28:43

Satellite firm set to invest more into wide-area communications

Drinks companies have their eyes on the ladies

2015-10-09 07:23:07

Sandy Xia enjoys a glass of wine when having lunch with friends. In the evening, she has the occasional beer and one or two cocktails on the weekend.

Xi just needs to turn up for a grand welcome

2015-10-09 07:21:01

For years, China maintained a steady presence at the United Nations.

British minister's 'China' remarks have Britons, Chinese puzzled

2015-10-07 00:26:02

Sometimes, politicians say things that aren't always taken the way that they are meant to be taken, and British Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt just scored what many here see as an own goal.

Leeds University's Confucius Institute stages Culture Month

2015-10-06 23:18:28

The Business Confucius Institute at the UK's University of Leeds launched a Culture Month from late September to late October to mark the 2015 China-UK Year of Cultural Exchange.

Plight of 'forgotten camp' POWs recalled

2015-10-06 08:29:07

The underground catacombs of one of Britain's most iconic buildings are to offer a rare chance to relive the dark days of one of the most notorious Japanese prisoner of war camps in China. Liverpool's St. George's Hall is to host a photographic exhibition highlighting the Shenyang World War II Allied Prisoners Camp, originally known as Mukden POW Camp.

Brexit or not, China doesn't care either way

2015-10-04 09:33:37

The perceived brutality of the European Union's handling of the Greek crisis, and now the apparent lack of a coordinated EU response to the streams of migrants heading into Eastern Europe from Iraq, Syria and all points east - all this is beginning to weigh heavily on British voters' minds ahead of the promised referendum on EU membership.

UK lawmakers applaud Xi's UN announcements

2015-10-03 08:09:07

British lawmakers have lauded the initiatives Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the UN, saying they show China's determination to contribute to global causes.

EDF chief believes Chinese firms will take 40% stake in Hinkley nuclear project

2015-10-02 19:42:46

EDF Energy Chief Vincent de Rivaz says he believes two state-backed Chinese investors will increase the size of their stake in the Hinkley Point nuclear power station project.

Britain is an environment exemplar for China

2015-10-02 09:44:22

China's establishment of a green investment bank will fundamentally transform the way economic growth and environmental conservation work together.

Amazon-UK deal boosts China trade

2015-10-02 09:44:22

China is identified as a priority market in an agreement recently signed by UK Trade and Investment and Amazon, the US e-commerce company, aimed at helping the United Kingdom's small and medium-sized enterprises increase their exports and grow online sales.