Britain, China's 'win-win' with Xi Jinping's visit

2015-10-16 21:46:07

Xi Jinping's state visit to Britain from October 19 to 23 is important in itself, clearly illustrates the basis for mutually beneficial relations between different countries.

UK readies red carpet for a 'golden era' of China-UK relations

2015-10-16 21:46:07

The planning committees on both ends for this visit have been very busy trying to fine tune everything and paying attention to detail.

Culture as a pillar of China-UK relations

2015-10-16 21:12:26

As the second decade of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and UK approaches, the state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the UK is expected to mark a new milestone for bilateral relations.

China-UK relations to build stronger joint education system

2015-10-16 20:33:00

China's education minister Yuan Guiren said education cooperation between China and the United Kingdom is an important part of China's efforts to globalize education.

Political dignitaries hosted by Chequers

2015-10-16 16:59:50

Chequers in northwest of London has hosted foreign dignitaries since becoming an official retreat for prime ministers in 1921. Chinese President Xi Jinping next week will become the latest state leader to be welcomed to this tranquil country house.

Rule of law benefits British investors in China

2015-10-16 13:51:07

Since GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) announced a deal to produce HIV medicine with Shanghai firm Desano Pharmaceuticals in July, Britain's biggest drug maker is taking more steps to repair its scandal-hit business in China.

Ten most popular British TV dramas in China

2015-10-16 13:06:54

British TV dramas, with their unique sense of humor, delicate plots and rich cultural connotations, are attracting more Chinese audiences, especially young people.

UK chancellor's China visit boost for relations, analysts say

2015-10-16 08:15:06

British Chancellor George Osborne's visit to China in September, which included his first trip to the country's northwest, has helped strength the countries' economic and financial ties, analysts say.

London is best placed for currency moves

2015-10-16 08:15:06

Sun Yu, general manager of Bank of China London branch, discusses internationalization of renminbi

Five views on an eagerly awaited visit

2015-10-16 08:15:06

President Xi Jinping's state visit to the United Kingdom, the first by a Chinese president for a decade, comes at a genuinely auspicious time. It comes as the UK and China stand on the threshold of a golden era in their relationship, when we become for the first time genuinely interdependent.

Learning to teach each other

2015-10-16 08:15:06

The BBC documentary, Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School, which sparked so much debate in the summer, portrayed what many argued were stereotypical views of education in Britain and China.

Victoria and Albert experts working on new Shenzhen design museum

2015-10-16 08:15:06

London's Victoria and Albert Museum, which has the largest collection of decorative art and design, has been working with Chinese partners to open a unique museum in South China.