Budding artists need assistance

Updated: 2014-02-20 07:44

(China Daily)

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Many art colleges have started holding admission tests for candidates, and media reports say that only one in every 170 candidates can get admission. Getting admission to an art college has become so competitive because budding artists have no choice but to enroll for one of the out-dated art courses to be a successful artist, says an article in the Beijing News. Excerpts:

Even though none of the candidates can be sure of becoming a successful artist, they have to seek admission to an art college because without it they will lose the opportunity of having any career in art at all. Perhaps the lack of other channels that can help cultivate artists is to blame for that.

Having any kind of career in art, let alone a successful one, is as difficult as becoming a doctor or a successful businessperson. Even youths graduating from top art schools need to work hard and be exceptionally creative to make a mark in the art world. They also need luck.

With the fast-paced growth of show business in China, more and more youths are looking for an opening in the entertainment industry, and they can count only on art schools to make that possible. The serious lack of channels other than the art colleges is making it impossible for many young people to realize their dreams.

In the US, in contrast, entertainment companies not only pay attention to stars, but also cultivate talents by running training facilities for young people who have the potential but not the experience to become successful artists. Although many contests for budding artists are held in China, there are no proper training systems or facilities in the country.

For the entertainment industry to keep growing qualitatively, we have to cultivate talents by providing them with good training facilities.


(China Daily 02/20/2014 page9)