Tourists are just enjoying themselves

Updated: 2013-08-03 10:58

By Gao Zhuyuan (

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The behavior of Chinese tourists in public places is under fire again, after some were pictured dipping their feet into a fountain in front of the Louvre museum. But sometimes everyone does that in Europe, said an article in the Yangtze Evening News (excerpts below).

Some people are unnecessarily critical of people dipping a toe or two in the water at famous scenic spots.

The photos of people having a foot soak against the background of the Louvre, show many tourists indulging themselves but only a few are Asian.

Even members of staff at the tourist office in Paris were quoted as saying that it is common to see tourists dipping their feet into, or even playing in, the fountain. This behavior is acceptable provided no damage is done.

Some people say that the reason why Chinese people are stereotyped as uncivilized tourists is because they do have annoying habits such as spitting and littering. The logic of “once a bad guy, always a bad guy” is problematic, so is the notion of national inferiority. We should not let our preconceived opinions mislead our judgment.