Life under the sea

2011-06-10 07:18:59

When bubbles float up to the surface of the sea, divers on the workboat know that their colleague Liu Zhiyuan is ready to get out of the water.

A child raising a child

2011-06-09 07:09:09

A 23-year-old girl has been raising her yonger sister for 12 years in Southwest China.

Fly the world in 70 days

2011-06-08 07:52:48

Since taking off on May 22 from his home in Memphis in the United States, Chen has been to 11 cities in seven countries.

Son spends five decades caring for his mother

2011-06-07 07:41:49

Some may think a nursing home is the only choice for a healthy and prolonged retirement life. Not so for 103-year-old Chi Guifang, who has spent half a century under the care of her son.

Laboring over art

2011-06-06 09:32:33

A pipeline maintenance worker in Qingdao, Shandong province, is preparing his personal exhibition

Raising dragons from the water

2011-06-03 07:46:17

With the Dragon Boat Festival just around the corner, Shangjiao village is a scene of hustle and bustle.

9-year-old crazy about cross-country motor racing

2011-06-01 18:44:33

A 9-year-old motor-racing enthusiast received professional training for a few years before he became a motorcycle racer and took part in eight stops in the sport's national tournament.

Someone older, someone new

2011-05-31 07:25:21

The first time she was to perform in front of the gathered seniors, 9-year-old Xue Tingting was too shy to sing the Shaoxing Opera she had learned, and even cried a little.

Hope rises from ashes

2011-05-27 08:03:59

When news finally came that he had won his seven-year-old lawsuit, Chen Jiusong showed little sign of being thrilled.

Teachers help open up the world of sound

2011-05-25 11:15:33

A teacher goes through lessons on different shapes at a school for hearing-impaired children in Yan'an, Northwest Chin's Shaanxi province, May 24, 2011. A total of 23 children, age 2 to 7, at the school are now able to talk after more than one year's training. The school was equipped with new training facilities and classrooms by the local government in 2009, and all 23 children got free hearing aids.

Nanny recalls tending to the heads of state

2011-05-24 08:01:41

As a nanny and domestic helper for five decades, Ouyang Huanyan has cleaned up after some pretty big hitters.

After State, Li sets seal on art world

2011-05-21 08:08:22

A large-scale solo art show featuring seal-cutting and calligraphy by Li Lanqing, former vice-premier of the State Council, opened on May 20 at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing.