Keeping good time

2012-03-20 09:59:41

Wei Yunsi, the keeper of the clock atop Shanghai's Customs House on the Bund, has a lot of time on his hands at work.

Woman who blogged about her decline dies

2012-03-19 22:03:56

A 25-year-old woman who had lupus for 11 years and relied on donations for treatment died of multiple organ failure on Sunday in a Beijing hospital.

From the jaws of death

2012-03-16 09:01:04

He seems an unlikely hero, especially one that would save two children from the jaws of a wild cougar.

Longest-serving volunteer still ready to help

2012-03-15 19:42:54

Li Changhe, 75, is listed as the elderly volunteer with the longest record of service by the World Record Association, a Hong Kong-based institution that records non-sporting and folk records, according to the Qilu Evening News.

Planting the seeds of success in countryside

2012-03-14 07:39:10

Cooperatives are a good way to boost farmers' incomes, especially for women farmers, said a NPC deputy.

A sign of progress

2012-03-13 07:50:50

Zhou Ye once had a choice to make: Be a model shining on a T-shaped stage or teach sign language.

Kinship blossoms in devotion

2012-03-09 08:16:54

"A roof and a son, it's the kind of life I have never imagined before," said Cao.

The sound of metro

2012-03-07 07:49:05

Yang Limeng pricks up his ears to catch every little clink and clang of the metro while the rest of the passengers idle their travel time away with MP3s, phone games or iPads.

Hall of memories for Lei Feng spirit

2012-03-06 07:32:51

"For me, Lei Feng is the greatest person, not only in China, but also in the whole world."

Open letter about father tugs Party chief's heartstrings

2012-03-02 08:23:42

Son's protracted search for hospital highlighted problems in system.

The bird man of Beijing

2012-03-01 07:05:53

He used to spend all day catching birds after he turned 6, when he started to learn how to paint and called himself a bird-hunting master.

Operation gives boy hope

2012-02-29 08:22:08

"One bottle for five cents, 100 for five yuan, 1,000 for 50 yuan..."