Words of passion

2010-12-31 12:26:20

Culture expert uses language and the music of chopin to improve cultural ties between poland and China.

Euro vision

2010-12-31 11:26:56

Administrator works with Europe's top artists to show off Chinese contemporary culture.

Digging pieces of the past

2010-12-24 08:07:08

You may have seen one of them digging around a construction site, wearing knee-high rubber boots, plastic bucket in hand, and not given them a second thought. Even if you had, they may have seemed no more than scavengers.

Tragedy continues to haunt

2010-12-23 07:43:18

If only she didn't have so many "if onlys", more of her fellow students would be alive today.

Audits boost 'immunity' to economic illness

2010-12-22 07:27:24

If we think of China as a healthy body, then Liu Jiayi would be in charge of the immune system.

Patients heal physician

2010-12-22 07:19:34

When doctor Li Qianfeng moved to an impoverished village, his hope was to help save lives. Instead, it was the villagers who ended up saving his.

Workers building recognition for China

2010-12-21 08:31:55

When a list of the top newsmakers of the year was announced on the other side of the world in Costa Rica, sitting securely on the list was none other than a Chinese.

Preventing paradise lost

2010-12-21 07:30:49

Former fisherman turns 'castaway' to save island from disappearing into sea. Peng Yining reports from Xiamen.

Septuagenarian feels no chill while performing

2010-12-17 16:59:40

Chen became interested in street performance when he was just a kid. He said he’s been feeling lonely since his children left to work in other cities. To kill time and also to make some pocket money, he started performing again, using whistles and various gestures. Chen says he never gets cold and he’s not afraid of low temperatures.

Ringside view

2010-12-10 13:17:48

After 35 years in China, German Uwe Kraeuter's book a 'small attempt to brush cobwebs off cliched ideas and prejudices' about China.

Zither fetches record price in auction

2010-12-10 11:25:06

A rare Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279) guqin, a traditional plucked seven-stringed zither, sold for a record 136.64 million yuan (15.54 million euros) at Beijing Poly's autumn auction on Dec 4.

He said cheese

2010-12-10 11:06:53

As far as foreigners living in far-flung areas go, Marc de Ruiter really is the big cheese.