Public subsidies going to house Tibetans

2011-03-15 07:50:18

Dawa, a 48-year-old peasant in a small village in the Tibet autonomous region, has seen many recent changes in both his house and life.

Tsunami sparks search for son living in Japan

2011-03-15 07:22:06

Even before the waves stopped washing over the northeast coast of Japan, Li Guangqiang began the search for his son.

Prof a student of zeal

2011-03-11 09:02:55

When he was elected to the country's top legislature in 2003, Professor Zhou Hongyu said he was a mere "student" who didn't know how to behave.

Sweet home on the plateau

2011-03-10 08:51:27

One of the first local residents to open their homes to visitors in 1999, Phuntsog has gained increasing fame among tourists as "name-card uncle".

A village's fight for environment

2011-03-09 00:01:35

Zhang Gongli was delighted to see blue skies and white clouds again in his hometown, a small village in east China's Anhui Province.

With vision for the blind

2011-03-08 08:57:24

Xi, 44, a deputy to the ongoing 11th National People's Congress, told China Daily on the sideline of the congress that the government's blueprint for the next five years includes re-building and improving schools for physically challenged children.

Helping others: there's the rub

2011-03-04 08:42:21

One doesn't necessarily have to lavish millions of dollars on charities to be called a philanthropist. Liu Li, a migrant worker in Xiamen, proves that every little bit of help to those in need counts and could lead to nationwide recognition.

Antique cop VS tomb robbers

2011-03-02 07:23:00

The 46-year-old policeman Han Qinglong, who has been fighting tomb robbery and smuggling of cultural relics during the past five years, arrived in Beijing to clear customs for the return of five Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907) murals illegally sold to a buyer in the United States in 2005.

Help for shunned village

2011-03-01 07:56:52

Zhang Pingyi a woman from Taiwan quit her 12-year journalism career and established a foundation for children in the leper colonies in a village in Zhaojue in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture in Sichuan province.

Artist moves from bustle of city, finds peace in work

2011-02-25 08:10:55

Popular jade carver tells why he has set his business outside Beijing.

Greenhouse revolution pioneer

2011-02-24 07:29:35

Wang Leyi's work in the development and promotion of greenhouse technology has greatly diminished the impact of the drought affecting Shouguang, Shandong.

A Taiwan woman, a leper village, a story of love

2011-02-23 17:52:51

Zhang Pingyi, once was a journalist in Taiwan, first entered this lost village, a poor Yi ethnic village situated in indigent Yuexi County inside Sichuan Province, 11 years ago for an interview.