Neither hills, heat nor rabbits

2011-09-06 07:44:36

Luo Xiying's job has cost her more than 40 pairs of shoes and four bicycles.

Former university guard begins study

2011-09-05 09:58:06

Jia Zuosheng, 27-year-old freshman was accepted by the university this year after preparing through self-study and attending lectures during his time spent working as a library security guard at Tsinghua University.

Lessons in hope and frustration

2011-08-31 07:36:43

The new school term might be the last one Tang Siping will spend with his 1,500 students - all children of migrant workers.

Modest maths whizz keeps young mind at 92

2011-08-18 11:01:23

Wu Wenjun, a 92-year-old mathematician and academician of the Chinese Academy of Social Science, reads books on August 16, 2011.

Friends, family remember veteran reporter

2011-08-12 09:24:30

Friends, colleagues attended a memorial service to pay tribute to veteran reporter Li Xing in US. Special

Steering the wheel of life

2011-08-12 08:33:32

Shi Guangquan once worked behind the wheel of a bus. Now he is a driving force behind the promotion of Buddhism in China.

Armless student realizes college dream

2011-08-10 17:09:31

Wu Jianping, a 22-year-old who lost both arms in an accident when he was five years old,received his letter of admission from Zhengzhou University of Light Industry on Aug 9, 2011.

Keeping the Yangtze clean

2011-08-10 08:16:30

It is now the busiest season for Zhou Gonghu, a 50-year-old cleaner of floating garbage on the longest river in China.

A dream and two wheels

2011-08-09 07:44:26

When Zheng Sheng tried to persuade a number of bicycle companies to sponsor his "crazy dream", almost nobody took it seriously. That crazy dream? Cycling from Shanghai to London.

Like music under the bridge

2011-08-04 07:20:04

At 3:00 pm, Jing Wenbin and his students set up their makeshift classroom in an open space under a bridge in Haining, Zhejiang province.

Getting better with age

2011-07-28 07:42:01

SHANGHAI Over the past year, Tang Shengnan has shifted his lens from young brides at weddings to hundreds of aged residents in Shanghai.

I'd like to be under the sea

2011-07-27 07:37:08

Having lunch at the seabed is like a picnic," said Ye Cong, one of three aquanauts onboard the submersible, and its chief pilot.