North China encounters gas supply shortage

Updated: 2015-12-28 11:24


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North China encounters gas supply shortage

Workers conduct a gas test at an energy station to ensure safe operation at an industrial park in East China's Jiangxi province in March, 2014. [Photo / Xinhua]

Natural gas supply in North China saw a temporary shortage and authorities have started an emergency plan to limit indoor temperature of public buildings and suspend supply to production to ensure residential heating.

China National Petroleum Corporation, China's largest oil and gas supplier and producer, met difficulties in unloading the imported Liquefied natural gas in ports, causing a temporary shortage of natural gas supply in North China, according to the Beijing Municipal Commission of City Administration and Environment.

Lin Boqiang, director of the energy research center in Xiamen University, said natural gas supply sees an oversupply in general, so the shortage will be a temporary issue.

"The shortfall will be filled very soon by other means and the problem is likely to be solved in one or two days," said Lin.

To keep the city's heating basically stable, the commission has launched an emergency plan by strictly controlling indoor temperature of public buildings and suspending natural gas supply to production of enterprises from Saturday.

Supply of natural gas in North China, particularly Beijing, has faced difficulties recently due to an earlier arrival of cold weather and an accident in upstream gas supply, the National Development and Reform Commission said on Sunday.

Related authorities have taken measures such as cutting natural gas supply to non-residential users in Shanxi, Shannxi, Tianjin, Hebei and Beijing.

The top regulator also coordinates with China Petrochemical Corporation and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation to increase natural gas supply to the pipe network to ensure the supply in North China and coordinate external resources to ensure the electricity supply in Beijing.