Chinese consumers in love with Western day of romance

Updated: 2015-02-13 07:21

By Wang Zhuoqiong(China Daily)

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Traditional foods and gift-giving in person dominate Chinese festive occasions, as the Lunar New Year remains the key time for Chinese people to relax and enjoy family reunions.Chinese consumers in love with Western day of romance

As the Lunar New Year approaches next week, according to Mintel's research, most consumers will be on the road or taking a holiday (59 percent), followed by visiting friends and relatives (51 percent), shopping (49 percent), dining out (45 percent) and relaxing at home (44 percent).

Food plays a very important role in celebrating holidays in China. Mintel's report reveals that 90 percent of urban Chinese consumers choose food as gifts during traditional festivals and almost half for Western festivals as well.

Nearly half of the consumers surveyed buy food traditionally associated with each festival, and the same proportion prefer giving gifts in person, despite the convenience of delivery services.

Some online retailers are offering traditional, locally hand-made food packaged in natural brown paper, with just a simple description of the food in traditional calligraphy, giving the whole package a nostalgic feel.

Emma Tang, a Shanghai resident, bought local desserts and childhood toys wrapped in red paper for her friends for Spring Festival, with a gift list in Chinese calligraphy.

"Things we loved when we were just kids touch the softest part of our heart and remind us of who we really are," said Tang.


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