Giant panda cub receives medical care in Guangzhou
  • 'We have a heart for them'

    A summer stay with US families has ended for 30 Chinese orphans with special needs. All have returned to China, but a large majority of them have found families that want to adopt them, May Zhou reports in Houston.

  • Students return with new gadgets

    Parents should set an example for children by not comparing with others materially, expert says

  • TV program honors war heroes

    Young people across China are being encouraged to watch a television program to air on China Central Television on Friday that showcases World War II Chinese heroes.


Fishing season of Taihu Lake begins
  • Napa Valley wine brought to China

    E-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd is betting that a country known for sipping black tea will develop a taste for Napa Valley red.

  • Delta to step up ties with China Eastern

    Delta Air Lines Inc and China Eastern Airlines Corp will deepen their cooperation, officials of the two airlines said, giving Delta a stronger foothold in the world's fastest-growing aviation market while the Chinese carrier penetrates further into the United States.

  • "Summer Davos" to eye economic growth

    The upcoming "Summer Davos" meeting in northeast China's Dalian will feature discussions on China and global economic growth, and technological innovation.


Media apps making headlines
  • Sex, lies and religious roles

    China's most enterprising monk is ensnared in another web of accusations signifying either difficulty of blazing new trails or weakness of human nature.

  • The fast track to longer life?

    For some people the words fasting and self-denial conjure up negative images, ones of pallid, listless bodies and of hard-to-bear sacrifice that are out of tune with the zeitgeist of the me generation.

  • Appearance still key on first dates: Survey

    Women notice more things than men think they do on their first dates, from untrimmed nails and a poorly coordinated outfit to a scruffy beard, says report.


Once upon a starry night
  • 11 cold noodles for hot summer days

    As your thoughts shift to milk shakes and frozen cocktails, don't forget simple cold noodle dishes, which are widely available in restaurants. They are also easy to cook and delicious eaten straight out of the fridge.

  • Claws for thought

    With summer here, freshwater crayfish - known in Chinese as xiaolongxia, or little lobsters - will be scuttling their way to tables nationwide.

  • The sweet smell of food & flowers

    You do not have to go far to stumble on a coffee shop whose main accoutrement is flowers or to come across a banquet decked with beautiful bunches of the best that nature has to offer.


Law born of magical beast


The children's maestro
  • Jet Li attends charity gala in HK

    Kung fu star Jet Li has made a rare public appearance in Hong Kong to attend a star-studded charity gala on the opening night of Hong Kong Fashion Week.

  • Zhang Mi out with 'Blue Dream'

    Chinese singer-songwriter Zhang Mi released a new song, Blue Dream, in Beijing recently. Chinese pop group NZBZ is heard rapping in her song.

A for entertainment,
F for accuracy

BBC documentary series on China-UK education project is fun but flawed.

V-Day parade for 70th WWII anniversary

Tianjin blasts: Death, damage and bravery

NE China: From powerhouse to poor relation

The northeast was once China's industrial heartland, but a decline in manufacturing have resulted in a rapidly aging society as young people move south to look for a better work.

Worlds apart in a different class

In the past few decades, China's rise to international prominence has prompted questions about the merits of the national education system compared with those used in the West.

Road map points way for new industrial cluster

An action plan to weld three major population centers into a single economic entity to promote stronger growth and tackle 'urban diseases'.

Plan to teach pupils practical skills welcome

The aim of school education is not only to impart bookish knowledge to students, but also to teach them the basic skills to better adapt to life and society.

Civility strikes back

Many are using new apps not only to save money, but also to bond with each other at a time when it seems technology is driving us apart.

Changing color of China's blue-collar workers

I remember when I was a kid, many parents with similar background would warn their children: "You must study hard; otherwise you would end up in the factory like us."

Frozen assets may not beat the biological clock

An increasing number of Chinese women are choosing to have children later in life, but experts are warning that postponing pregnancy can lead to a host of problems.

Taste the fun of baijiu in London

Former beijing resident serves fiery Chinese spirit in western cocktails, giving guests new experience.

Expo Milano 2015

'We must learn from the past':UN chief

Amid Japan's complaints over his China visit, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned that it is difficult to move in the right direction if the lessons of history are not understood correctly.

Social media take parade to the world

Social media allowed people to become "reporters" and share stories about the parade, making them more involved in such big events, said an expert.

Drowned Syrian boys buried home

Two young Syrian brothers and their mother who drowned while trying to reach Greece were buried in their home town of Kobani and their distraught father begged Arab countries to do more to help Syria's refugees.

Britain to accept more Syrian refugees

Britain will take in thousands more refugees from camps on the Syrian border, PM David Cameron said after mounting pressure from the public and political figures triggered by images of the body of a drowned toddler.


A vital link in high-speed growth


Protesting farmers in more than 1,500 tractors flood Paris streets


Putin takes part in hockey game against students in Russia
  • Japan criticized for protest over UN chief

    Beijing said on Tuesday that Japan's latest complaints over United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's upcoming visit to China for V-Day commemorations are "completely making trouble out of nothing".

  • High time for Japan's ruling bloc to listen to its people

    As more than 120,000 people have surrounded Japan's national Diet building and protested at 300 other locations nationwide demanding Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's resignation and retraction of the controversial security bills, maybe it is time for the country's ruling bloc to carefully listen to the public.

  • Egypt sets Oct election date

    Egypt will hold a long-awaited parliamentary election, starting on Oct. 18-19, the election commission said on Sunday, the final step in a process to bring back democracy that critics say has been tainted by widespread repression.


Kenya makes history, reigns supreme at Beijing World Championships
Mail drop
  • An apt example of a wolf in sheep's clothing

    Wang's remark that "money makes the mare move" shows he knew the importance of money for the poor and used it to plug the legal loopholes to exploit the girls and their families.

  • Troop cut a concrete step for peace

    Compared with Japan which has a population of 120 million but 230,000 personnel in its Self-Defense Forces, China's 2 million troops for a population of more than 1.3 billion should not be a source of concern for anybody.

  • A nation that swears by people, peace and justice

    China is a peaceful country and will remain so thanks to its long history and unique capability to adapt to and integrate foreign influences in its culture.


Stunning scenery of Tianchi Lake
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