Blast rips through a home in Beijing
  • Aviation court gives Shanghai a global voice

    The Shanghai International Aviation Court of Arbitration, the world's first arbitration court specializing in solving global aviation disputes, was opened in Shanghai on Thursday.

  • Sino-Russian energy deals benefit all

    Cooperation between China and Russia in the energy sector has brought tangible benefits to both countries and is expected to yield further positive results, says Li Hui, China's ambassador to Russia.

  • More put learning Chinese to test in EU

    More people in European Union countries have taken Chinese-language proficiency tests in recent years, an official at Hanban - the headquarters of the Confucius Institutes - said on Thursday.


Jack Ma's $21.8 billion puts him top of China's wealth list


Lovely animals escape scorching heat


Daredevil diners hop along to rabbit restaurants


Palace Museum to offer discounted tickets from mid-September


Entertainment weekly photos: Aug 23 - 29

Rebuilding lives

Four years on, residents of quake-hit Yushu are receiving support to recover from the disaster but more is needed.

Horrific nightmare at Kunshan factory

Communities, doctors rush to help as blast kills more than 70 workers.

Shaolin: Fists of fame

More than 2,000 foreigners who head to Shaolin Temple every year to learn kung fu.

Reading into an online age

Physical bookstores in China look set to live out their last days even as their cyber counterparts
expand on the back of imported off erings.

China helps fight international war on drugs

Crackdown on terrorist attacks

While China is knitting an anti-terrorist security network, the nation still needs to prepare its people to fight the war on terror, thereby mobilizing its most powerful weapon.

My China Story: Meeting the master

Adventures can happen to you anywhere: when you are away from home, when you are walking on the street, or they can come with a curious encounter, in my case, for example.

Long march to end employment bias

This special sheds light on employment discrimination in China, including how job ads specify gender and age preferences and recent discrimination cases in China.

Variety is the spice of academic life

Documents prove the truth can't be buried

Newly deciphered Japanese wartime archives offer fresh evidence of atrocities committed by Japanese troops during the invasion of China.

Race to remember story of resistance

As next year's 70th anniversary of China's victory in the war against the Japanese approaches, historians and local residents are rediscovering the history of the shadowy group whose members were Hong Kong's only defenders during the occupation.

Strait talking: From enemy to friend

For almost 40 years, a succession of rival "frontier broadcasters" fought for dominance of the airways across the Taiwan Straits. Later, some of the main players became firm friends. Peng Yining reports from Xiamen, Fujian province.

IMF chief Lagarde investigated in graft case

The shocking announcement came a day after Lagarde was grilled by a special court in Paris that probes cases of ministerial misconduct.

Cameron urges Scotland to stay

British Prime Minister David Cameron calls on Scotland to take the great advantages of staying in Britain and be "better off together."

Obama says 'no IS strategy yet'

US President Barack Obama says he has asked his administration to prepare a range of military options against the Islamic State forces in Iraq and Syria.

China calls for ceasefire in Ukraine

A Chinese envoy on Thursday called for an immediate ceasefire in eastern Ukraine amid reports of a possible escalation in the conflict there.


Europe map dotted with Huawei R&D
  • Free-trade area gets big dose of medicine

    German healthcare operator and medical product provider Artemed Group said on July 22 that it would set up a hospital in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.

  • Promoting the modern Mersey beat

    In 19th century, when the first batch of Chinese immigrants arrived in Europe by sea, many headed for Liverpool in northwest England, creating what is still considered the continent's oldest Chinese community.

  • The British PM who loved China

    Visitors now have the opportunity to visit the former home of Sir Edward Heath, the prime minister who famously was instrumental in establishing full diplomatic relationship between the UK and China.


Puree joy
  • China calls for ceasefire in Ukraine

    A Chinese envoy on Thursday called for an immediate ceasefire in eastern Ukraine amid reports of a possible escalation in the conflict there.

  • UN chief alarmed by escalation in Ukraine

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday said he is alarmed by reports of fighting in eastern Ukraine, which might mark a "dangerous escalation" in the Ukrainian crisis.

  • IMF chief investigated in graft case

    The shocking announcement came a day after Lagarde was grilled by a special court in Paris that probes cases of ministerial misconduct.


DPRK not to send cheering squad to Incheon Asiad
  • Australian PM to visit India, Malaysia

    Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced on Friday he will travel to India and Malaysia next week.

  • APEC members calls for ocean partnership

    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) members passed a declaration on Thursday calling for the establishment of a new partnership focusing on maritime cooperation in the region.

  • UN peacekeepers detained in Syria

    Forty-three peacekeepers of the UN Disengagement Observer Force operating in the Golan Heights separation area between Syria and Israel were detained by "armed elements" early Thursday.


Cristiano Ronaldo wins best player in Europe award
Obama weighing ISIS options
  • Will convergence help traditional media?

    The fourth meeting of the Central Leading Group for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms on Aug 18 issued a clear guideline on the convergence of traditional and new media and their development.

  • University tuition hike unwarranted

    The increase in fees, in some cases more than 40%, has cast doubt on the mission of public universities a to offer an affordable education because they are run on taxpayers' money.

  • Conciliation way forward for HK

    2017 reform package can be viewed as the starting point for a joint political venture for the SAR and the central government.


The best beaches close to you
  • Rare-earth center to host forum on prairie ecology

    The heavy-industry city of Baotou is sharpening its appreciation of its prairie heritage, as it will host the 2014 International Prairie Forum on Aug 30 to brainstorm ideas and suggestions on the development of prairie lands.

  • Who is eligible to visit the DPRK?

    With the exception of people from the Republic of Korea, citizens of most countries can travel to the DPRK at any time of the year, providing they are registered with an accredited tourist operator, and have the relevant visa.

  • Macao,When the sun sets Macao

    The nightlife in Macao is like a never-ending carnival with hundreds of flamboyant and neon-lit entertainment venues, especially in the central business district near the Lisboa Hotel.

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