Painful search for reunion


Italian shipbuilder eyes development of Chinese cruise industry
  • Shoppers rediscover joy of retail outlets

    Almost one in three Chinese shoppers plan to buy more at brick-and-mortar outlets, consulting firm Accenture Plc said in a report on Friday.

  • Yili to invest $327 million in NZ dairy

    Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co Ltd, one of China's largest dairy producers, said Friday it will invest 2 billion yuan ($327 million) in four dairy projects in New Zealand.

  • Interest rates cut to bolster growth

    China has cut benchmark interest rates for the first time since July 2012 in an effort to prop up growth as the economy continues to slow.


TCM intern intends to take skills home to Brazil
  • More go abroad for healthcare

    Western hospitals see China as new market for medical tourism. Although there are no reliable official figures, about 60,000 Chinese have gone abroad for healthcare services each year in recent years.

  • Go on a traditional medicine tour

    With a history of more than 2,000 years, TCM covers herbal medicine, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, deep-breathing exercises and dietary therapy.

  • No easy day

    A former 200m standout athlete who served his country in the Middle East is in Shanghai grooming female Chinese sprinters for medals at the Summer Olympics.


Promoting old Italian recipes


Exhibition of Chinese intangible culture heritage kicks off in India


Zhang Ziyi, Tony Leung attend 45th India Int’l Film Festival
  • Barbara Hulanicki to return to Biba label

    Fashion designer Barbara Hulanicki is set to be reunited with Biba, the iconic fashion label she founded 50 years ago.

  • Best bets

    Girls' Generation 1st Fan Party Mr. Mr. in Chongqing, Ballet Pirate by Théatre du Capitole de Toulouse in Beijing, Tom Odell Concert in Beijing, and more.

Blue skies ready to greet APEC

With better air quality and a shorter rush hour, everything seems good so far in Beijing as the capital prepares to host the APEC meeting.

Growth pangs

China is slowing. It grew by 7.3 percent in the third quarter, the weakest quarterly growth for 66 months, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.

Sea change

120 years after its naval defeat in the First Sino-Japanese War, the country looks to stronger maritime power, Peng Yining reports in Weihai, Shandong province.

'Old newcomers'

Elderly people who leave home to take care of their grandchildren account for 10 percent of 144 million people aged 60 or older, according to a survey.

General aviation hub reaches for the sky

As China's private aircraft sector prepares for takeoff, reform is desperately needed.

Endangered species threatens livelihoods

Wild Asian elephants have been wreaking havoc in villages in Southwest China as their habitat is destroyed and they're forced to search for food.

Chinese mavericks set to amaze racing world

Horse racing is hugely popular in many countries, but in China the industry is still in its infancy.

Helping them breathing

Workers hit by dust-related lung disease need more support.

Going the distance

A report from Peking University showed that residents in Beijing spent the longest time commuting, about 1.32 hours a day for work on average.

Righting wrong judgements

Latest acquittal of man on death row seen as major step forward for Chinese law while other problems like torture in interrogation still need to be urgently addressed.

People progress

A city in Fujian province steps up eff orts to integrate valued migrant workers and
balance urbanization with heart.

Caring out of the ordinary

Understanding, family support remain crucial for Chinese children suffering from rare diseases.

China wants its voice heard in cyberspace

Premier Li Keqiang said cyberspace "should also be governed by all of us," referring to "laws and self-discipline" in speech to corporate leaders.

New standards set for air purifiers

A new national standard for air purifiers is set to be unveiled by authorities Friday to bring order to the country's chaotic purifier market.

Alipay brings the frenzy of Black Friday to China

A group of high-end retailers in the US have teamed up with Alipay, which will enable online shoppers in China to purchase goods through Alipay's ePass, in a celebrated American shopping ritual.

US violates China sovereignty in HK

The emergence of China as a significantly influential nation in world affairs is opposed by the doctrine that the US must remain the sole super power.


For Lang Lang it's encore encore
  • UK rolls out red carpet for China's tourists

    Teresa Hou has just signed up her 10-year-old son for a 15-day camp to visit prestigious universities in Britain during the upcoming winter holiday.

  • The aim is to keep soaring

    Failure is something to be avoided at all costs, but Lin Jianguo says that for Imperial and Aviation Industry Cooperation of China an unexpected failure along the way can be a valuable learning experience.

  • Planting a new vision of farming

    Modern Dutch family farms show what China has in mind: efficient, technologically advanced production run by young entrepreneurs.


Spanish noble Duchess of Alba dies at age 88
  • Five killed in helicopter crash in Russia

    Five people were killed when a small helicopter crashed in the Nizhny Novgorod region in central Russia, the Emergency Situations Ministry said Thursday.

  • Putin receives envoy from DPRK

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has received a special envoy of Kim Jong-un, top leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday.

  • Hungarians protest against gov't measures

    Hungarians held a large-scale demonstration in front of Parliament on Monday evening, protesting a laundry list of issues they consider government wrongs in what has been dubbed "Public Outrage Day."


Millions to benefit from Obama's immigration reform move
  • Iraqi forces retake town from IS

    Iraqi security forces on Thursday retook control of a town from Islamic State (IS) militant group in eastern Iraq, and are fighting to seize another in the west, security sources and an official said.

  • Japan's lower house dissolved for election

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dissolved the lower house of Japan's parliament Friday, forcing a snap election in an apparent bid to shore up support for his scandal-plagued government.

  • Obama takes action on immigration

    A Democrat says she hopes it will be a type of immigration reform that increases opportunities for those who work in science and technology, mainly coming from Asian countries such as China and India.


Zou holds key to $1 billion bonanza
  • Federer set to face France in Davis Cup final

    Switzerland's Roger Federer, who has been hampered by back problems, has been named to play in the second singles rubber of the Davis Cup final against France's Gael Monfils on Friday.

  • Vettel replaces Alonso at Ferrari

    In a widely expected shake-up, four-time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel will replace two-time champion Fernando Alonso at Ferrari next season.

West vs. Russia
  • Abe's 'three arrows' miss targets

    Japan has to look beyond the failed Abenomics and carry out structural reforms to revive the country's economic health.

  • Stop violations from tying traffic up

    A set of photographs showing a foreigner stopping a car driving in a bicycle lane in Beijing and asking the driver to leave the lane has gone viral on the Internet, drawing positive comments from netizens.

  • A tough task to cap emissions by around 2030

    Now that China has signed a landmark deal with the United States setting targets for carbon emissions out to 2030, it should plan the trajectory of its low-carbon path for the next 16 years.


Reliving Haikou's glory days
  • Photos of flight

    Few people realize the pictures of a plane taking of can be so impressive. Wu Ni catches up with a photographer who doesn't mind hanging out at airports.

  • Town that always says Ganbei!

    Moutai Town, a hamlet in the north of Guizhou province, is nestled in a deep valley surrounded by three mountains, with the Chishui River running through it. It has since time immemorial been a natural cellar for the production of baijiu, or Chinese white spirits.

  • Visa changes for Chinese visitors unlock opportunities

    New Zealand's tourism industry is set to get a boost under visa changes that make it easier for Chinese to travel to and work in the country.

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