Foreigners' second homes in Central China


Local loofah cooperation developed in Jiangxi


Civility strikes back
  • The normal abnormal

    Forget the Great Wall and forget the Forbidden City. If you really want to know what makes the Chinese capital stand out, tune in now and get with the Beijing beat.

  • Days of the dog

    Be it a yapping shihtzu or a lumbering Tibetan mastiff, dogs have always been man's best friend - or have they?

  • Coffee consumption booms as culture emerges

    China may historically be a nation of tea drinkers, but over recent years coffee has been becoming increasingly popular, particularly among young people in big cities like Shanghai and Beijing.


Once upon a starry night
  • 11 cold noodles for hot summer days

    As your thoughts shift to milk shakes and frozen cocktails, don't forget simple cold noodle dishes, which are widely available in restaurants. They are also easy to cook and delicious eaten straight out of the fridge.

  • Claws for thought

    With summer here, freshwater crayfish - known in Chinese as xiaolongxia, or little lobsters - will be scuttling their way to tables nationwide.

  • The sweet smell of food & flowers

    You do not have to go far to stumble on a coffee shop whose main accoutrement is flowers or to come across a banquet decked with beautiful bunches of the best that nature has to offer.


Birthday boy Harry Potter still magic in China
  • When all the world's a stage

    Shakespeare's Globe, on London's South Bank, has embraced the Chinese-language version of Richard III.

  • Self-taught man devoted to wood art

    It was a coincidence that Meng Qingyuan went to see an exhibition of relief art at the time he became interested in engraving. He then began his own attempts to learn how to carve on wood.

  • Zikou Ancient Town in China's Shanxi

    Zikou, an ancient town unknown to many, was listed among the second batch of famous historical towns in 2005 when it was recognized as one of the 100 most endangered cultural heritage sites in China.


The children's maestro
  • Jet Li attends charity gala in HK

    Kung fu star Jet Li has made a rare public appearance in Hong Kong to attend a star-studded charity gala on the opening night of Hong Kong Fashion Week.

  • Zhang Mi out with 'Blue Dream'

    Chinese singer-songwriter Zhang Mi released a new song, Blue Dream, in Beijing recently. Chinese pop group NZBZ is heard rapping in her song.

Frozen assets may not beat the biological clock

An increasing number of Chinese women are choosing to have children later in life, but experts are warning that postponing pregnancy can lead to a host of problems.

Taste the fun of baijiu in London

Former beijing resident serves fiery Chinese spirit in western cocktails, giving guests new experience.

Expo Milano 2015

Public dancing holds people together

Expat teachers offered poor salaries

Pigment makers push to protect ancient art

Sun may set soon on beekeepers

'Sponge City' to soak up urban floodwater

Ancient art looks to attract young audiences

Anniversary of victory over Japan marked

What do we know about AIIB

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is expected to be established by the end of this year.

President Xi attends BRICS, SCO summits

Beijing makes it, again!

Beijing has become the first city to host both Summer and Winter Olympics Games after beating Almaty to hold the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Graft probe into Guo Boxiong to win army, public's support

The decision to expel former military leader Guo Boxiong from the CPC for graft has showcased the CPC's resolve and "zero tolerance" in fighting corruption.

SOE reform to open door to
foreign capital

China has been pressing ahead with plans to expand mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises to boost economic efficiency. This is expected to produce unprecedented opportunities for foreign companies.

Effect of Chinese stock volatility on real economy limited

The effect of Chinese stock market gyrations on the real economy could be less than feared.


China, UK Enter a "Golden Age", says top Chinese finance official
  • Knowledge-based Chinese companies more competitive globally

    A new wave of Chinese companies is riding on a disruptive method of globalization that allows them to challenge Western incumbents much quicker and effectively.

  • UK truly values Chinese students

    The United Kingdom has some of the world's top universities and China is our most important market for students - in fact, almost a third of our foreign students from outside the European Union come from China.

  • Sino-Russian youth forum kicks off

    Maria Shipulina watched, entranced, astwo Sichuan Opera actors changed their masks with a flick on a stage of the gymnasium of Sichuan University in the capital of Southwest China’s Sichuan province on Wednesday morning.


Probable MH 370 debris to be studied in Toulouse


Experimental Ebola vaccine could stop virus in West Africa
  • Taliban confirm leader's death, choose Mullah Omar successor

    High-ranking officials from the Afghan Taliban confirmed the death of their leader, Mullah Mohammad Omar, and said the group has elected his successor.

  • Somalia offers apology, seeks China's help

    Somali officials expressed their apologies after a recent terrorist attack in Mogadishu killed one Chinese embassy's security staff and said this incident will not affect China's relationship with Somali.

  • Chinese FM to visit Singapore, Malaysia

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will visit Singapore and Malaysia in early August, and attend foreign ministers' meetings on east Asian cooperation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei announced Wednesday in a press release.


Venues of Beijing's 2022 Winter Olympics bid
China's stock market volatility is normal


Where you can see thousands of dinosaur fossils
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