Majority of Europeans like to see Clinton as the next US president

Updated: 2016-11-08 09:55


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According to a Sputnik.Polls survey conducted by the polling and research company Ifop and commissioned by Sputnik News Agency and Radio, the majority of people in France (56 percent), Spain (55 percent) and Italy (53 percent), as well as 50 percent of Germans, 47 percent of Polish people, and 36 percent of British people would like to see Hillary Clinton as the next US president. Meanwhile, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are neck-and-neck in the latest election polls.

This split in opinion could be the result of the concerted campaign by Western media in support of Clinton, which has been confirmed by at least three influential polls, according to which "a majority of Americans believe the media is working to elect Hillary Clinton".

Rasmussen Reports published a survey on October 18, which showed that 56 percent of respondents said "many in the media are working hard to elect Clinton president". Only 26 percent of respondents disagreed with this statement, and 18 percent were not sure.

According to a poll conducted by the University of Suffolk and USA Today, 75 percent of respondents think the media support Clinton, while just 7.9 percent believe the media are for Trump.

AP/GfK's poll showed similar results. 56 percent of respondents say the media are biased against Donald Trump, while 37 percent think that campaign coverage is balanced.

Xavier Moreau, editor at Stratpol, website for geopolitical strategy, said: "There is no doubt about this matter. Clinton is the system candidate and the western media supports this system."

David Coburn, a UKIP Member of the European Parliament for: "The establishment media in the UK hates Trump for the same reason they hate Nigel Farage and UKIP. They see Donald Trump as a revolution against the cosy consensus of lawyers, bankers, political and media classes! People have simply lost faith in the mainstream media!"

A fairly large share of Europeans do not support either candidate: 46 percent in Great Britain (compared to just 36 percent who support Clinton), 40 percent in Germany, 31 percent in Spain, 30 percent in Italy, and 26 percent in both France and Poland.

In response to the question, "Who would you like to be the next US president?", only 3 percent of people in Spain, 4 percent in Germany, 5 percent in France, 6 percent in Poland, 8 percent in Italy, and 10 percent in the UK said they would like Donald Trump to become the next US president. The answer "don't know/not sure" was chosen by 6 percent of respondents in Germany, 8 percent in the UK, 9 percent in Italy, 11 percent in Spain, 13 percent in France, and 21 percent in Poland.

The poll, which Sputnik News Agency and Radio commissioned from the oldest French research firm Ifop, contacted respondents from October 22 to 26, 2016 in Germany (1,000 people), Italy (1,002 people), France (1,004 people), Spain (1,001 people), Poland (1,012 people) and Great Britain (1,012 people). The results were weighted to reflect the population in terms of sex, age and geography. The margin of error for the nationwide data is 3.1 percent with a confidence level of 95 percent.