Quilted green russula with lilies

Updated: 2012-08-28 18:11


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Quilted green russula with lilies
Fresh quilted green russula


Quilted green russula mushroom with lilies


Ingredients: Fresh quilted green russula mushrooms, fresh goose intestine, yellow pepper, salt, oil, wild lilies, black cured beans


1. Blanch the fresh quilted green russula for 5 minutes;

2. Stir blanched russula and wild lilies with salt and oil. You may also choose to put in another kind of flower, such as chrysanthemum;

3. Put the mixture into a yellow pepper cup to serve.

4. Blanch fresh goose intestine for 10 seconds and flavor it with black cured beans.

5.Served and enjoy.

Function and nutrition: A study suggests that this mushroom has beneficial effects on blood lipid regulation. The study also showed beneficial effects from antioxidants.

Cooking Tips: Green russula adds a sweet, delicate flavor to soups, casseroles, stews, or vegetable dishes. Any cooking method works as long as you take care to not overpower it with seasonings or strongly-flavored ingredients.

Chef: William from Crowne Plaza Beijing Sun Palace

Chef William got two gold medals in international mushroom cooking competition (cold and hot dish champion) and he also won the “Master Chef in Yunnan Cuisine of China” on December 2010.

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