Poll: Migrants viewed as dividing European society

Updated: 2016-06-29 10:21


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Moscow - A Sputnik.Polls survey has found that a majority of people in France (68 per cent), Germany (61 per cent ) and the UK (60 per cent) believe that migrants are causing divisions in society by refusing to adopt European values and way of life.

The poll was conducted by French opinion and marketing research company Ifop and UK polling agency Populus for Sputnik News Agency and Radio.

The poll also discovered that 18 per cent of people in Britain, 28 per cent in France and 35 per cent in Germany disagreed with the idea that migrants are dividing society. In Germany, 4 per cent of respondents said they were neutral on the question, compared with 4 per cent in France, and 22 per cent in Britain.

The UK poll was conducted by Populus on April 15-21, 2016. In France and Germany, IFop was in the field on April 14-18, 2016. The total number of respondents was 3,042, including 989 from Germany, 1,008 from France and 1,045 from Britain. Respondents came from various backgrounds in terms of sex, age and place of residence. The margin of error is 3.1 per cent with a 95 per cent confidence interval.