Chinese students in UK enjoy fruits of the 'golden era'

Updated: 2016-02-04 19:35

By Cecily Liu(

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Chinese students in UK enjoy fruits of the 'golden era'

View of the exhibition area for UK during the 2014 China International Education Exhibition in Shanghai, China, Nov 1, 2014. [Photo/IC]

It's a good time for Chinese students to study in the UK as the two countries are enjoying a "golden era" in bilateral relations, said Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese ambassador to the UK.

Liu was addressing an audience on Wednesday night of about 1,400 Chinese students and scholars in the UK at the annual gala hosted by the Chinese Students and Scholars Association, which showcased music, singing, dancing, and other performances.

Liu emphasized that 2015 was a milestone year for UK China bilateral relations, marked by what he called Chinese President Xi Jinping's "fruitful" state visit to the UK.

"As the UK and China enter a golden era of relationship, a good environment is being created for Chinese students to study in the UK, and these good bilateral relations allow students in the UK to feel proud to be Chinese."

Last year, 58,810 Chinese undergraduates started their study in the UK, representing a 59 percent rise since the 2009 – 2010 academic year, according to UK government statistics. In comparison, students from Europe, excluding those from the UK itself, totaled 57,190 last year.

Liu said that the protection and emergency help service provided to Chinese students by the Chinese embassy is also increasingly good. Students who need assistance can call the simple number of '12308' to seek help. The embassy has also constantly sought new methods to dissimulate useful information to students, which would help them with their daily lives, using platforms such as social media or hosting events on campus, Liu said.

"We use these methods to provide you convenience so that you will feel that your country is beside you, and allow your parents to not worry about you so much," Liu said.

In addition, Liu reminded students that China's entrepreneurial environment is very good, and full of opportunities for young graduates.

"Currently China's economy is experiencing a structural change, moving towards a highly advanced, industrialized model, which is more suitable with China's current stage of development. This provides good opportunities for overseas graduates who want to use what they have learnt to contribute towards China," Liu said.

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