Britain officially launches general election campaign

Updated: 2015-03-31 08:54


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LONDON - Britain officially kicked off its general election campaign after the Parliament was dissolved on Monday.

Both the Conservatives and the Labor party, the country's two main political parties, made further pledges on Monday in a bid to win the battle to No.10.

Speaking in front of his official residence at Downing Street, Prime Minister David Cameron, also leader of the Conservatives, said his government is "turning the country around" and urged the voters to let him "see this through."

"This election takes place when the world is dangerous and uncertain. We need strong leadership to safeguard our national and our economic security," he said.

"Together we are turning our country round and for your sake, for your family's sake, for the sake of your children and their future, we must see this through together," he noted.

He warned that voting for his opponent Ed Miliband, leader of the Labor Party, could lead to "economic chaos."

"The next Prime Minister walking through that door will be me or Ed Miliband. You can choose an economy that grows ... or you can choose the economic chaos of Ed Miliband's Britain," he said.

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