Eurosceptic UKIP tops European Parliament elections in Britain

Updated: 2014-05-26 21:39


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LONDON - Britain's Eurosceptic political party UK Independence Party (UKIP) topped the European Parliament elections in Britain, marking the first time that a national election in the country has been won by a party other than the Labor or Conservatives since 1906.

By 12.30 pm on Monday, UKIP has won 27.5 percent of the votes, leading all political parties by increasing its Members of European Parliament (MEPs) seats from 13 to 24, according to election results announced so far.

The Labor party and the Conservatives, wining 25.4 percent and 23.9 percent of the votes respectively, came second and third with 20 and 19 MEPs, while the pro-European Liberal Democrats saw their votes halved to a mere 6.9 percent and only managed to retain one MEP.

Britain has a total of 73 MEPs in the European legislature.

This is the first time for the right-wing UKIP, founded in 1993, to win a national election, beating all traditional mainstream parties in Britain.