Give the homeless a winter shelter

Updated: 2015-01-07 08:51

(China Daily)

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Urban management officials have installed a device that sprays water from under the eaves of a hotel in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, in order to chase away the homeless people residing underneath. Comments:

Homeless people are among the most vulnerable who need our care. It is also a common practice of most metropolises worldwide to tolerate them when they pose no harm. Besides, a national regulation requires urban authorities to help the homeless; why are the officials chasing them away instead?, Jan 6

Without homes this group of people will only reside somewhere in the open air. It is lack of social security that compels these people to sleep in the open, and what is needed now is to strengthen the system of the country and help them find somewhere to live., Jan 5

Many blame the urban management officials for being too cold-blooded. It is deep winter now and there are already cases of people who have died of hypothermia from sleeping in the open. A better choice for the homeless is shelters. Local officials said they had advised the homeless groups to go to the nearest homeless shelter before installing the water-spraying device. If so, there is reason to believe that each of them will find a warm bed., Jan 5