Shame of AIDS demolition' team

Updated: 2014-12-26 10:00

(China Daily)

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By approving a house demolition team with AIDS/HIV patients formed by a real estate company to take possession of land in Nanyang of Central China's Henan province, the local authorities have set the worst form of example. Worse, this shameful episode will further alienate people from HIV/AIDS patients, says an article in Beijing News. Excerpts:

There ale state company in Nanyang formed the demolition team with HIV/AIDS patients to force the house owners to "vacate their homes before the deadline", or else be infected with the AIDS virus. The company even establish an "AIDS demolition project office".

More than anything else, this dirty innovative idea will aggravate people's hatred toward HIV/AIDS patients. The company has used the disadvantaged group to fulfill its aim, and if higher authorities don't take immediate measures to stop it from succeeding in its designs, society's sympathy for HIV/AIDS patients will diminish further.

Some local governments have been "kidnapped" by real estate developers because of their over-reliance on revenue from sale of land. In fact, there is a nexus between local governments and real estate companies in many cities and counties in China.

Forcible demolition of houses is a grave violation of law, because protection of private property is one of the fundamental features of market economy.

The Nanyang real estate company's action has violated the rights and interests of not only homeowners but also HIV/AIDS patients. The higher authorities should order a thorough investigation into the incident and bring the guilty to book, and the public security and judicial departments should take measures to protect the interests of homeowners and HIV/AIDS patients. As for local governments, they must improve their governance, and implement the rule of law to better serve the people.