A model of social responsibility

Updated: 2014-08-15 08:03

(China Daily)

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A more than 70-year-old resident of Xinzheng in Henan province has spent 17 years to gradually repay his financial debt. Although many would consider him a loser in business, the fact that he managed to fulfill his responsibility speaks volumes of his determination and commitment, which carries a more meaningful message than the stories of many successful businesspeople who use unfair means to earn profits and build their reputation on deceit, says an article on people.com.cn. Excerpts:

The senior citizen was "neck deep in debt" because he was cheated by people he trusted in his business. He opened a flour mill in Xinzheng in 1996, and because of the unscrupulous means used by the people he trusted, he ended up owing money to almost all the villagers who had sold him their produce. And although his debt totaled about 500,000 yuan ($81,193), he didn't shy away from repaying it.

On one hand, the elderly man can be seen as a loser in business because he trusted the wrong people, who incidentally were his acquaintances, and thus took a vitally wrong decision, to correct which he had to work for 17 years and forego the joy of enjoying his old age in relative comfort.

On the other hand, he has to be seen as an excellent example of a man who keeps his promise even in adversity. Though he suffered the bitter consequences of trusting others, he refused to compromise on his principle of being true to his word and repaying the money he owed to the villagers because they had trusted him.

Seen in this light, his life is one of glory, not misery. In fact, he has set an example for other businesspeople to follow. The message that his action gives is: People who do not repay their debts and fulfill their responsibility are the real villains that plague our society and unleash a trail of deceit and subterfuge that have been eroding the roots of honesty and faith.

In these modern times, a person's worth is evaluated on the strength of his/her wealth. But the real worth of a human being is his/her determination and commitment to honor his promise and fulfill his/her responsibility.

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