Civilized behavior begins at home

Updated: 2014-02-21 09:08

(China Daily)

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A flight from Thailand to China was delayed recently because two groups of Chinese tourists wouldn't stop fighting over a trivial matter. The matter was settled only after the Thai police intervened. To prevent Chinese people from fighting during overseas trips, they have to be taught to first behave properly within the country, says an article on Excerpts:

Uncivilized behavior by Chinese tourists is not rare. For example, they have been known to fight in public places and vandalize historical sites. As far as foreigners are concerned, they have mixed feelings about the boom in the number of Chinese tourists; they have a somewhat love-hate relationship with Chinese visitors.

Foreigners love Chinese tourists' consumption power, which they know can boost their economies. But they hate Chinese visitors for their uncivilized behavior and because of the troubles they create. Such is Chinese tourists' reputation that special warnings have been posted for them at some overseas tourist spots. In short, Chinese tourists don't have a good reputation abroad.

But the fact is that Chinese people do not behave badly only when they travel abroad. They behave no differently at home, only that such behaviors are considered uncivilized overseas.

If Chinese people are fined for littering or warned against talking loudly in public within the country, they will try to change their habits and not repeat them while traveling overseas. And Chinese tourists will not be seen fighting each other in a foreign land, because they will learn to overlook trivial matters.

Only by changing their behavior within the country can Chinese people behave in a civilized manner and with courtesy in foreign countries.

(China Daily 02/21/2014 page9)