Services must be maintained despite less growth

Updated: 2014-01-16 19:40


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It is rational for some local governments to lower their gross domestic product growth targets in 2014, but the level of public services should not be affected, says an article in the China Business News. Excerpts:

That GDP has been the most important, if not the only, criteria to assess the performance of local officials has negatively influenced the environment, natural resources and the improvement in people’s livelihoods.

After President Xi Jinping requested playing down the role of GDP last June, governments at various levels started diverting more attention from growth speed to quality and sustainability.

Local governments sent out positive signals by taking the initiative to lower their growth targets for the new year.

They have already recognized the importance of striking a balance between development, and the environment and resources.

Yet, the concern is if the governments adopt a low growth target this may influence their revenue and be used as an excuse to reduce their input for the public and society.

The governments should consolidate the people's confidence in them by doing their best to provide better public services.