Netizens angered by comments on 'aimless' subway use

Updated: 2013-12-17 21:40

By Xiao Lixin (

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As the Beijing government considers raising the price of subway tickets from the flat rate of 2 yuan ($0.33), a transport expert has draw criticism online for suggesting that low ticket prices result in “a huge crowd taking the subway with no definite destination or purpose”, according to an article in Beijing News (excerpts below):

It is beyond doubt that every passenger who has ever taken the subway during the morning and evening rush hours would consider it a luxury to have a relatively roomy place in which to stand in the carriage, while many others are unable to get onto the train and wait in a long queue for the next one. In the face of this reality, an ignorant comment like this will inevitably invite criticism from netizens.

The expert might feel wronged, since he later mentioned that it is rather difficult to control subway travel through adjusting subway fares because the crowdedness during rush hours is due to rigid demand.

However, his initial eye-catching remark is nevertheless hard for local citizens and passengers to swallow, even as a personal opinion.

Perhaps the netizens have just taken this opportunity to express their complaints about the far-from-comfortable experience of riding the subway.

Regardless of price adjustments, we have to see that the main reason for overcrowding is the imbalance between the capacity of the subway and the rigid demand for travel on public transportation.

To fundamentally ease traffic congestion requires local authorities to strengthen financial input and accelerate public transport construction across the whole city. Traffic design and management must be improved to increase the capacity of the subway, for example, by a more scientific approach to subway route design.