Tasks for China to fulfill

Updated: 2013-07-31 09:49

(China Daily)

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Comment on "China economic restructuring, slowly but surely" (China Daily website, July 22)

China has to fulfil certain economic requirements to make the yuan a reserve and trade currency. And it has to adjust the tax structure to stimulate and encourage productivity and provide security to the Chinese people.

China has a very demanding system. So on the global front, it should explain the complexities it faces and demonstrate how it deals with them to increase its credentials as a transparent and confident country. And it is imperative that China draws audience from across the world, especially from within Asia.

Besides, State-owned enterprises have to continue playing their leading role both on the national and international fronts while developing into more independent and professional organizations, and distancing themselves from bureaucratic involvement.

Apart from scientific and technological development, China should also focus on agriculture, forestation and environmentally friendly industries to transform itself into a clean, green economy, because a good social system, rich culture and healthy environment are necessary to retain talents.

Biztru, on China Daily website

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