From umbrellas to water fountains: Escaping the scorching summer

Updated: 2016-06-22 16:01

By Liu Wei(

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Scorching summer heat has arrived in most cities in China and it's not going anywhere soon. The temperature started to rise on June 19 and began turning the heat on in large parts of north and south on June 22.

Many parts of the country are reporting temperatures above 35 degree Celsius.

Though unable to turn off the heat switch, people are trying their best to avoid in every possible way the scorching sun.

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From umbrellas to water fountains: Escaping the scorching summer

A courier delivers takeout as pedestrians seek shelter under sun-proof umbrellas. [Photo/VCG]

1. Forget cooking, takeout please!

An increasing number of people are avoiding the heat by not dining out and are ordering meals online, bringing brisk growth for restaurants.

"It is burning outside and I cannot stand walking under the sun for one second," said Li Mei, an office worker at a trading company in Xi'an. "I have been ordering takeouts online for lunch for the past week."

People are even complaining about cooking at home, saying it's like a sauna in the kitchen.

"No matter what dishes I'm cooking, it ends with me sweating and losing my appetite," said Zhou Hui, a woman in Xi'an. She decided to order from nearby restaurants for the family's dinner instead of cooking herself. "I used to go to the supermarket once a day for fresh vegetables," she said. "Now I have cut it back to half because of the heat."

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