Trending news across China on Sept 30

Updated: 2013-09-30 10:43


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Tomb robber ditches a valuable quilt, civil servants get sympathy for their low pay, and a giant rat is turned into food. It's all trending across China.

Child killer

Police from Nanning, South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, arrested a man, surnamed Lu, suspected of throwing a 2-year-old boy from six stories, killing him, after a quarrel with the boy's mother. (

Tiger tug-of-war

Trending news across China on Sept 30

Want to play tug of war with a tiger? Hunan province's Changsha Ecological Zoo organized a tug of war between seven people and a Siberian Tiger nicknamed Xingxing to tame its wild nature, using a live chicken in a bag tied to one end of the pole. (Xiaoxiang Morning News)

Valuable blanket

Trending news across China on Sept 30

Burial accessories belonging to the Empress Dowager Cixi, including a precious Dharani quilt, are exhibited in the East Tomb of the Qing Dynasty in Zunhua, Hebei province. The quilt was made with twisted gold thread, with Buddhist texts and Buddha figures on it, to cover Cixi's body. Sun Dianying, who robbed the tomb, didn't know the value of the quilt and abandoned it during the robbery. (

Underground building

Trending news across China on Sept 30

An eight-story building lies underground among tall buildings in Chongqing, creating a 3D painting scene. (

Civil servants get sympathy

Trending news across China on Sept 30

Civil servants working at local villages and towns in Hunan province revealed their salary sheets online, with the lowest at 775 yuan ($126.48) per month and an average of less than 30,000 yuan per year. Some said the sheets omitted their "gray" income, while others said low-level civil servants do get low wages and high work pressure. (Legal Daily)

Chengguan get blame

A 62-year-old man suddenly collapsed to the ground and died while arguing with city maintenance officers in Yiyang city, Hunan province. The news went viral online as Weibo witness accounts accused urban management officers for this peculiar death at first. Some officials are being held for investigation. (Beijing Times)

Giant rat

A 90-cm super mouse weighing 5.1 kilograms was caught in Shaoyang county, Hunan province, while biting into a 2-kilogram fish near a pond. Villagers hoping to turn it into a dish killed it, but its bones were so hard that two kitchen knives were left broken. (

Old scholar

Trending news across China on Sept 30

Lin Huazhi, a 93-year-old man from Taiwan, recently graduated from college with double degrees. Lin dropped out of school early because of economic reasons. He entered an open university at 79 after retirement and finished a bachelor's degree in social sciences over eight years, then a bachelor's degree in life sciences in another six years. He said learning is so interesting that he will never get tired, and will continue learning until he's 100. (