China refutes Vietnam's accusation on vessel clash

Updated: 2013-05-28 22:04


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BEIJING - A spokesman for China's Foreign Ministry refuted Vietnam's accusations that a Chinese vessel collided with a Vietnamese fishing boat in Vietnamese waters and urged Vietnam to stop illegal fishing in China's Xisha Islands waters.

"Vietnam's accusations are completely far from the facts. A Vietnamese fishing boat illegally entered sea area of China's Xisha Islands, infringing upon China's sovereignty and violating China's laws," spokesman Hong Lei said at a daily press briefing on Tuesday.

Hong said relevant Chinese authorities are justified in regular law-enforcement measures.

Hong's comments came after the Vietnam Foreign Ministry said a Chinese vessel slammed into a Vietnamese fishing boat while it was operating in Vietnamese waters on May 20, adding that the Chinese vessel damaged the Vietnamese ship's hull and put the lives of 15 crew members at risk.

"We demand that Vietnam take practical measures, strengthen education and management of its fishermen and stop illegal fishing in waters of China's Xisha Islands," Hong said.