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THE WEEK May 24: You're doing it wrong

Updated: 2013-05-27 13:28
By THE WEEK (chinadaily.com.cn)


Billboard's biggest losers
The music industry's top artists gathered for the 2013 Billboard Awards. Some of the world's biggest stars performed and received awards for their achievements this year. There were plenty of winners, but this year's show had a more impressive list of losers. Justin Bieber got his fair dose of embarrassment when the crowd booed as he tried to accept an award. And one performer's attempt to soar over the crowd went very poorly, especially for one member of the audience.

Going in circles
A manager at Chicago's Navy Pier made history this week for the longest ever ride on a Ferris wheel. He rode it for more than two days. Sounds like he was working hard; that must be a tough job. But is his record really impressive? To impress us, you'd have to ride a real roller coaster for two days straight - you know, the kind that some people can't even handle for 30 seconds.

Study: Processed meats deadly
A study from the World Cancer Research Fund concluded that chemicals used to make processed meats increase the risk of cancer in humans. WCRF researchers found that people who eat processed meats on a regular basis are more likely to die at an earlier age from any cause than a person who does not. It hurts to hear that the things you love to eat most are actually likely to help kill you. But shouldn't we have already known this information?

This wacky world!
The Czech capital of Prague is getting romantic by introducing cars on their subway lines that are specifically reserved for singles. All aboard the train of love!

A man in Spain paid a fortune teller $210,000 for her to cast a spell on him that would bring his former lover back. When it didn't work, the man broke into the psychic's house to steal the money back but was caught and arrested.

Being fired from her teaching job for posting bikini photos online may have been the best thing to happen to one American woman. Now she's getting offers to become a professional model.

It's tough going for US President Obama these days as his administration tries to figure out excuses for scandals in Benghazi, the IRS and the Department of Justice. Just brutal.

Our thoughts go out to the victims of the tornadoes in the United States. This week's best viral video is a magical clip of one tornado victim finding her dog in the rubble after she thought he was gone.

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