Putin instructs lenient gas policy with Ukraine

Updated: 2014-04-10 01:55


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MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday told the government to drop contractual options and allow Ukraine to get natural gas without one-month prepayment.

"Given the difficult situation Ukraine is currently in, and the incompletion of our negotiating process with the European Union, I would ask the government to refrain for now from applying any options arising from the contract," Putin told a government meeting.

Meanwhile, he ordered the government to hold additional consultations "if, of course, our partners agree to such consultations. If they do not, we shall act in accordance with the contract."

Noting that some European countries recognize the legitimacy of the current Kiev authorities, Putin said they have done nothing to support Ukraine.

Russia, he said, does not recognize Kiev authorities' legitimacy, but continues providing economic support to that former Soviet Union republic.

"Of course, this situation can not last forever," Putin said.