Top European official: China goes beyond its own interests

Updated: 2016-09-27 06:47

By Fu Jing in Brussels(

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Top European official: China goes beyond its own interests

European Commission Vice-President Kristalina Georgieva delivers a speech on Monday at the function to celebrate China's National Day,which falls on Oct 1.[Photo by Fujing/]

European Commission Vice-President Kristalina Georgieva has called China's hosting of the G20 a "huge success", while saying its steady commitment in tackling climate change has reflected the country's determination to deal with severe global challenges.

"China has gone beyond bringing the contribution to its own people and is determined to develop a peaceful world and respond to global challenges," Georgieva said on Monday.

Georgieva made the comments in a speech she delivered at a function organized by the China mission to the EU to celebrate the 67th National Day of the People's Republic of China, which falls on Oct 1.

Georgieva said she was encouraged by China's commitment and actions in ratifying the Paris climate change agreement ahead of the G20 summit, which she called a "huge success".

"For me, this is an action that China had taken the lead in and will be beneficial to our children and grandchildren and I should like to thank China for its commitment," said Georgieva.

She said China's 13th Five-year Plan has demonstrated that it is determined to restructure its economy, improving environmental quality and energy efficiency and continue to reduce poverty. "And for me, China's hosting the G20 has delivered a clear message that it will do in the global arena what it has done at home," said Georgieva.

Yang Yanyi, Chinese Ambassador to the EU, also said the successful hosting of the G20 Hangzhou Summit has offered new solutions to improving global economic and financial governance and unlocking a new driving force for growing the global economy.

Yang also said thanks to reform, innovation, adjustment and transformation, the Chinese economy has maintained stability and performed within the appropriate range.

"We have advanced the Belt and Road Initiative to build greater connectivity and provide strong impetus to regional development and integration," said Yang.

As to China-EU relations, Yang said both sides have convened the 18th China-EU Summit which demonstrated the shared vision to strengthen China-EU Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

Looking ahead, Yang said the international environment is complex and challenging and the downward economic pressure is not to be underestimated.

But Yang said China has the confidence and capability to achieve steady progress in pursuing the vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development.

"And China will achieve the main economic and social development targets set for this year," said Yang.

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