Buyers not price-sensitive

2010-12-27 07:58:04

I agree with the author's analysis. Developed countries have a much larger market for the goods mentioned in the article.

Problems with green movement

2010-12-23 07:55:26

One of the main problems of the green movement is like what a Hollywood star once said about an unsuccessful movie: It is a failure of imagination.

HIV/AIDS patients need care

2010-12-23 07:55:26

I am all for more HIV/AIDS tests, but they will be helpful only if the government can effectively prevent discrimination against HIV/AIDS patients.

Rules for message provider

2010-12-21 08:05:13

I don't know how long it took Tencent to react, but I think the authorities have the responsibility to block immoral/dangerous messages from being sent to the public.

How to attract foreign students

2010-12-20 08:02:59

To compete on a global level, the Chinese education system has to undergo certain changes.

For total evaluation of students

2010-12-17 07:59:05

The goal of education is not how many people get diplomas but the knowledge they acquire, the skills they master, and help them develop healthy thoughts.

Message user's suicide tragic

2010-12-16 08:02:55

Apparently, the message provider has nothing to do with the suicide pact. The death appears to be a misadventure.

Message of the Para Games

2010-12-15 09:43:40

Dec 12 saw the grand opening of the first Asian Para Games in Guangzhou.

High-speed trains an asset

2010-12-14 08:09:21

Recently, I and my family had an opportunity to travel from Shanghai to Hangzhou by the world's fastest train.

Lessons from Internet cafe blast

2010-12-10 08:00:33

The explosion that killed seven people and injured 38 in an Internet cafe in Kaili city of Guizhou province on Dec 4 once again reminded us of the safety hazards around us.

India should put butter ahead of artillery

2010-12-09 12:19:14

What is the point of India arming the nation to the teeth with the latest super-duper armament? The money would be better spent feeding its hungry people.

Treat foreign spouses better

2010-12-08 08:03:03

I suppose the Vietnamese spouses, like other foreign spouses I am acquainted with, depend on these provisions to stay in China.