Ban smoking completely

2010-11-24 07:56:54

I've always believed that tobacco kills not only smokers, but also non-smokers who become victims of passive smoking.

An incredible experience

2010-11-24 07:56:54

I spent three weeks in China this September with my Chinese friends. The experience went beyond my greatest expectations.

Improve higher education

2010-11-23 08:06:17

Perhaps China should try to create its own "Ivy League universities".

Fire lessons from Shanghai

2010-11-23 08:06:17

I mourn the death of people in the recent Shanghai blaze.

Find the middle road between East and West

2010-11-22 13:42:33

I think the gulf between a Western worldview and an Eastern one is immense. The fact is that understanding the Chinese way for a Westerner and vice versa is not easy.

US never owns up to its mistakes

2010-11-22 07:49:21

It is an excellent article, intelligent and well reasoned. It is especially important to inform the public that it is not China's responsibility to help the United States out of its self-inflicted troubles.

Shanghai blaze is a warning

2010-11-19 07:53:13

The Shanghai blaze is a warning. It teaches us to take preventive measures against such fires.

College indeed a lens on students

2010-11-19 07:53:13

As someone who has attended two very good universities in the United States and best in China, I have to say this article is accurate.

Chinese women misunderstood

2010-11-18 07:51:26

That some Western women now consider marrying Chinese men is really a recognition of China's growing prosperity. But despite that I don't agree with the claim in Tiffany Tan's article that Chinese women are, generally, more materialistic than their Western counterparts.

Drinking not a business skil

2010-11-17 08:01:31

Widely published photographs of three comatose young men in business suits lying in the middle of a public square in Chongqing municipality were both amusing and shocking.

No need for another global event

2010-11-16 07:58:05

Many people are wondering which Chinese city would hold the next World Expo after Shanghai, which drew the curtains on this year's World Expo on Oct 31.

No better women than our Chinese girls

2010-11-13 16:38:05

If there is reincarnation and I have a second chance I would still look for a Chinese wife.