Timeless voice tours Asia in Sept

2013-08-11 09:43:47

Although Tony Bennett has been famous in the United States for more than 60 years, the singer will only make his debut China tour in September.

A star in tune with his music

2013-08-06 16:11:37

The last time Adam Young, under his Owl City alias, performed in Beijing's live house venue in 2009, he entertained nearly a thousand screaming fans at Yugong Yishan.

Owl City out of the shadows and taking center stage

2013-07-26 08:24:43

Adam Young started the Owl City music project because he couldn't sleep.

CoCo Lee promotes new album 'Illuminate' in Taipei

2013-08-05 09:45:48

CoCo Lee sings during a signing promotion event for her new album "Illuminate" in Taipei, southeast China's Taiwan, Aug 2, 2013.

May Day at the Bird's Nest

2013-08-02 17:18:56

May Day at the Bird's Nest

Rock stars rise again

2013-08-02 09:38:16

They are legends of Chinese rock 'n' roll, and their first album in nine years boasts a new singer and a new energy. Members of Black Panther just can't stop rockin' out. Rock 'n' roll godfather aims to spread the music

Singer Selena Gomez tops Billboard album chart for first time

2013-08-01 09:46:20

Selena Gomez topped the Billboard 200 album chart for the first time on Wednesday, besting rapper Jay-Z and the soundtrack to "Teen Beach Movie."

Singer Jay Chou holds concert in Tianjin

2013-07-29 10:20:19

Chinese singer Jay Chou holds concert in Tianjin, China.

Not the same old song

2013-07-28 10:21:46

'90s pop queen Chen Ming is finding her return to the scene means adapting to a market that has evolved since her reign's zenith.

Lady Gaga to perform at MTV awards for first time since surgery

2013-07-26 09:58:07

Pop star Lady Gaga will debut new music at the MTV Video Music Awards in August in her first performance following hip surgery.

East sounds West

2013-07-21 08:23:13

Eric Chipman had heard of guzheng, or Chinese plucked zither, but it was not until he actually laid a hand on the instrument that it had an affect on him.

A Chinese girl's love affair with guitar

2013-07-20 10:35:45

To many Chinese youngsters grown up listening to ballads, guitar seemed to be a symbol of their rebellious adolescence.