Taylor Swift to receive country music songwriting award

2013-10-10 09:17:12

Taylor Swift will be honored as this year's songwriter and artist of the year by the Nashville Songwriters Association International, making her the only artist to win the award six times.

The art of finding real talents in talent shows

2013-10-10 07:23:02

The Voice of China concluded its second season by creating another grassroots idol, 23-year-old Li Qi. He may not have the look of a star but has obviously touched the hearts of many with his unpretentious and affectionate singing style.

Lang Lang reaches the top

2013-10-09 07:45:33

Twelve years ago when Lang Lang performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London for the first time he was little known to many in the audience.

Andy Lau's concert tour in Nanjing

2013-10-08 13:42:01

Pop star Andy Lau performs during his Always Andy Lau concert tour at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center in Nanjing, Oct 4, 2013.

He's raising her voice

2013-09-29 09:36:26

American vocal coach to the superstars Seth Riggs has found his youngest-ever prodigy. Read on about about the 'speech-level singing' guru's 14-year-old student Doudou, or Huang Jiaqi, in Shenzhen.

Court music of Asian countries converges at 2013 festival

2013-09-27 07:09:04

Beijing has been used to hearing the sounds of traditional music every October since the Beijing Traditional Music Festival was launched in 2009.

China return is smooth as Suede

2013-09-27 07:09:04

For Suede's Chinese fans, the legendary band is the symbol of their youth, as it was one of the first Western bands to influence China's music lovers. Despite the band's long hiatus, its legacy carries on with timeless songs such as So Young. It was played throughout the movie with the same English title by Chinese actress-turned-director Zhao Wei, which was released in April this year.

Shanghai fest blooms with global arts

2013-09-27 07:09:04

The China Shanghai International Arts Festival will kick off on Oct 18 at Shanghai Culture Square with a modern dance production of Swan Lake by Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Shining a spotlight on Verdi and Wagner's legacies

2013-09-27 07:09:04

Yu Long, artistic director of the Beijing Music Festival, says music is an art that has passed from one generation to another.

Performing arts from around the world onstage in Beijing

2013-09-27 07:09:04

A traditional shadow puppet theater from Northeast China, Gypsy music from Hungary, a royal dance from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and many other styles of music and dance will share the same stage in Beijing.

The song is making money, but the writer isn't

2013-09-22 07:55:51

Barrett Strong has learned at least one thing in his 72 years: "Songs outlive people," he says. "Once you're gone, those songs will still be playing."

Elton John lauds young artists, mixes his new songs with old

2013-09-18 10:04:15

Elton John says he can make whatever kind of music he wants, regardless of commercial pressure, but he says he loves what young musicians are doing today.