George Benson Inspiration Trailer

2013-08-30 11:13:14

Trailer for George Benson's new release Inspiration.

Jazz legend Benson returns to China

2013-08-30 11:10:36

Ten-time Grammy award winner, and legendary "guitar man" George Benson will give a concert in Shanghai.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards

2013-08-26 17:24:17

Celebrities attend the 2013 MTV Music Video Awards in New York August 25, 2013.

Singers perform at Tianjin int'l music festival

2013-08-26 15:04:54

Trainees of a Chinese reality television singing competition "The Voice of China", perform during the 2013 Tianjin international sandbeach fashion music festival in Tianjin, Aug 23, 2013.

Swimming through the sky, yet down to earth

2013-08-23 15:45:58

A man runs on a treadmill, while two woman dancers dangling from strings fly above the crowd. That's the surprising delights of the show Brutal Force.

Romancing Hong Kong

2013-08-18 07:52:58

Air Supply's dynamic duo of Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell wows the city with their classic power ballads and entertaining stage antics.

All that jazz

2013-08-16 10:58:04

An iconic music center in New York is making big plans to open a new hub in China, Shi Yingying reports from Shanghai.

Chinese musicians savor taste of tango

2013-08-16 10:51:06

Liu Shanshan's childhood was not happy. Like many Chinese children, who are pressed by their parents to study musical instruments, she played accordion for hours every day.

Tunes that travel

2013-08-16 10:45:13

Music industry veteran Song Ke has a new plan to save the business. He is organizing large-scale outdoor music festivals to tour 60 cities around China for a year. Special: Music Festivals

The bad boys from Boston will be rocking Shanghai

2013-08-16 10:03:01

American rock band Aerosmith will make its debut China show at the outdoor space of Shanghai Hongkou Stadium on Aug 21.

Air Supply live 2013

2013-08-15 16:23:24

Air Supply live 2013

Li Yuchun promotes 2013 'Why Me' tour

2013-08-14 09:10:59

Chinese singer Li Yuchun promotes her 2013 tour at a news conference in Beijing on August 13, 2013.