Spreading the rock 'n' roll gospel

2011-12-02 09:33:10

China's burgeoning music festival scene helps bridge the regional differences when it comes to understanding rock 'n' roll.

A harmonious partnership

2011-12-01 11:09:48

Chinese singer Tan Jing and Swedish pianist Robert Wells performed together for about 6,000 people at London's Royal Albert Hall on Nov 28.

Key player strikes a chord with style

2011-11-30 13:40:10

Croatian musician Maksim Mrvica will perform at the Jincheng Art Palace in Sichuan's provincial capital Chengdu on Dec 2.

Korean pop music out to conquer the world

2011-11-30 08:58:50

A host of young Korean stars are taking to the stage in London, New York and beyond in a bid to crack one of the final global frontiers for Asian culture - pop music.

Enrique Iglesias performs at NFL half time

2011-11-25 09:09:37

Enrique Iglesias performs at half time of the NFL football game between the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins in Texas Nov 24, 2011.

George Michael has pneumonia, postpones gigs

2011-11-24 10:03:16

British singer George Michael has postponed a series of concerts after falling ill with pneumonia, his website said on Wednesday.

Drake 'takes care' of No. 1 on album chart

2011-11-24 10:02:34

Canadian singer Drake jumped to No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart with his latest offering "Take Care."

Justin Bieber performs on 'Today' show

2011-11-24 09:37:46

Justin Bieber performs on NBC's "Today" show in New York November 23, 2011.

Rihanna's 'Talk The Talk' release tops iTunes

2011-11-23 09:35:29

Rihanna may soon be headed to the top of the album charts after her latest record, "Talk That Talk" reached No. 1 on iTunes on Tuesday.

Black Eyed Peas deny breaking up

2011-11-23 09:35:19

The Black Eyed Peas have denied rumors that they are breaking up but say they are taking a break from making music together for a while.

Korean Pop Culture and Art Awards

2011-11-22 09:45:58

The Korean Pop Culture and Art Awards was held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul November 21, 2011.

Celebrities perform at 2011 AMA

2011-11-21 15:01:58

Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry accept awards and perform at the 2011 American Music Awards November 20, 2011.