Yearender: Film critics' top 10 Chinese films of 2015

Updated: 2015-12-28 09:38


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No 4: 12 citizens

Yearender: Film critics' top 10 Chinese films of 2015

A screen capture of 12 citizens. [Photo/Mtime]

Raymond Zhou: The film seamlessly connected the creativity and structure of classic films onto Chinese reality. Even though it was filmed using a single scenario, the story is visualized thoroughly, and the legal concept of "presumption of innocence" is vividly portrayed.

Bian Xiaojing: This is a story of self-redemption. "Social responsibility" and "consciousness of citizenship" is what we need in this era. Only after they are raised can we progress as a society.

Su Qiqi: This film showed the goodness of regulations and the power of communication, and how "individual life" is valued in a cruel society we live in due to prejudices. This is very valuable.

In brief: The film was adapted from a 1957 American film, 12 Angry Men. 12 parents of a group of college students who did not pass final exams have a heated debate on a crime concerning a 20-year-old man belonging to the "rich second generation", accused of killing his father.