Yearender: Film critics' top 10 Chinese films of 2015

Updated: 2015-12-28 09:38


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No 6: The Coffin in the Mountain

Yearender: Film critics' top 10 Chinese films of 2015

A screen capture of The Coffin in the Mountain. [Photo/Mtime]

Raymond Zhou: A stunning debut. Mystery and darkness beautifully combined into a skilled production. It is a new hope for low-budget films.

Huang Doudou: The wholeness and maturity of the script far exceeded expectations. Set against the backdrop of a village, the minds behind the film portrayed their analysis and criticism of the relationship of clans and families in a society.

Jiang Xiaoyu:The dark horse of this year's domestic films. A small production of just 1.7 million yuan, it shone the light for the real future of Chinese cinema.

In brief: The film tells a series of stories triggered by the sudden appearance of a corpse in a remote village. It was directed by Xin Yukun and stars Huo Weimin, Wang Xiaotian, Luo Yun and Sun Li and was launched on Oct 16.